Why You Keep Falling In Love With The Wrong People, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 16, 2019
Why You Keep Falling In Love With The Wrong People, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


You know you s*ck at the dating game when every guy you kiss turns out to be a frog instead of a prince. When every “I love you” turns out to be “to hell with you” in a couple of months. While it’s easy to blame the other, maybe it’s not them this time… It’s probably you. You need to do a self-introspection to find out the reason behind your poor love decisions. You can turn to a friend or perhaps look at your horoscope for guidance. If you choose the latter, then here’s why you keep falling in love with the wrong people according to your zodiac sign. 


You’re an energy bunny and not everyone is as active and hyper as you are. Expecting your lover to be as adventurous as you is kinda unfair. You need to calm down and accept a partner who likes living life one day at a time. Stop with having these high expectations and love them for who they are. Sometimes, opposites attract! 


Stop trying to heal people who think of you as an emotional punching bag. It’s not worth it! Cut them off if they treat you like wet garbage. The very fact that you put them on a pedestal makes it easier for them to push you around. Be a bird and peck back!  


trust issues

Gemini women act like the biggest social butterflies of them all. They probably are. However, that’s all you’ll ever get to know about them. The moment you try to dig deeper, they move away from you. They find it difficult to open up and trust someone new. This can send mixed signals to the men who actually want to date them. 


You know, Cancer, you give a lot of attention to people who don’t care about you enough. This quality is eventually going to hurt you. Love only those who are willing to love you back. Otherwise, they’ll just walk over you and take your love for granted. 


You’re so used to people giving in to your demands that you don’t respect them enough. You’ve got the charm, looks and attitude to make heads turn. However, what’s the fun in that? You need someone who keeps you grounded. Someone who does not jump to your tune and sees you for who really are. 


You’ve got to stop overthinking and stressing your partner out too. Not your man or you can see the future. Breathe and let him breathe too. On the contrary, take some time off from your busy schedule and take a break from social media and life’s duties. Rest and keep those anxiety levels in check. 


truth hurts

When it comes to relationships, I don’t know what is it with you, Libra. You give so much of yourself to someone who mentally and emotionally exhausts you. Reading peoples true intentions clearly isn’t your strong point. Wish you took off those rose-tinted glasses and saw people for who they actually are and not what they pretend to be. 


You know what, Scorpio? You’re not really the best at everything. Stop trying to make your partner feel that you are superior to them when you aren’t. The moment you stop looking at everything as a competition only then will you actually find yourself a soulmate.


You are too blunt, Saggitarius. Not many people are tough enough to hear the truth. Your big mouth can get you into trouble. You need to think before you talk if you want your lover to stay with you. Word vomit is only going to push them further away. 


Everyone hates the controlling type and you happen to be one of them by default. You’re a perfectionist – good for you! However, don’t expect everyone to be clones of you. They’re living their own adventure, don’t ruin it for them. 


back off gif

When you’re upset, you instantly block people out of your life. You have a tough time understanding your own feelings. People who get close to you get hurt the most. There will come a time when that special someone has had enough of your bullsh*t. 


I hate to break it to you, but if you think you’re going to be loved the same way YOU love people, you’re going to be disappointed. Stop having any expectations from anyone. The right guy will always treat you right. 

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