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Dear Bestie, Why You’re Kinda Stuck With Me Forever (And EVER!)

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Aug 5, 2016
Dear Bestie, Why You’re Kinda Stuck With Me Forever (And EVER!)


Dear Bestie,

We’ve known each other for so long that we know exactly what the other is thinking in just one look and though we’ve had our fair share of fights and drama, you know I will never let you go. You are an irreplaceable part of my life and here is why you are kind of stuck with me FOREVER…


Your actual soulmate.

1. I know all your secrets!

Yup. I know too much for you to ever think of replacing me with someone else. But I won’t tell anyone because I am part of all those secrets too! *wink*

1 best friends forever

2. Our comfort level is ah-mazing!

Can you imagine lying in bed all day in your PJs, eating popcorn, cuddling under one blanket with anyone else other than me? Yup, I thought not!

3. I know what to get you for your birthday.

All your gift worries are sorted for life because I know exactly what you have been eyeing and what you really need. And you never shy away from telling me if you really want something, either!

3 best friends forever

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4. We make each other better people…

We would have been evil masterminds if it wasn’t for both of us talking sense into each other every time we spend nights hatching one plan or the other.

5. I’ve seen you at your worst…

I really have. And I still love you. That’s something, isn’t it? *grin*

5 best friends forever

6. Your parents love me more!

And I love them too! They feed me amazing food every time I visit and we always find common ground when talking about all the things you do wrong. 😛

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7. We have too many travel plans.

From that “All single girls” trip to that bachelorette – ZNMD style, we have just made too many plans keeping each other in mind to ever be apart in life.

7 best friends forever

8. We are each other’s go-to person for everything!

Whether it’s that movie no one wants to watch or that day when emotions take the better of us, there is no one else we would turn to other than each other.

9. I have too many embarrassing photos of you!

I could literally make a photobook of all the embarrassing photos I have of you and I hate to admit, you could do that too with all of my photos. All the more reason to stick together!

9 best friends forever

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10. We can go on for hours, discussing just about anything!

Talking is something that comes naturally to us, no matter what the topic of discussion might be!

11. We have co-ordinated dance moves for every occasion!

And we have put in too much effort to let them go to waste!

11 best friends forever

12. Gross is awesome when we are together!

From long discussions on poop, periods, and all our bizarre habits, we can be unapologetically gross in front of each other because we know it is more fun that way!

13. You’re the only one who can handle my mood swings…

There. I said it. I am never letting you go because you are the only one who can handle me at my worst and I absolutely love you for that!

13 best friends forever

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