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Why So Vella? Netizens Find Another Reason To Troll Neha Bhasin & We Need Them To Stop RN

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Dec 22, 2021
Why So Vella? Netizens Find Another Reason To Troll Neha Bhasin & We Need Them To Stop RN


Bigg Boss OTT was a massive hit and people loved it even more than BB 15. The reason was simple—the gharwalas were vocal about their opinions and raised their voices loudly against anything they felt was wrong. Neha Bhasin was one of the most-talked about contestants on the show and was recently seen in the main house as a wild card entrant. Sadly, the singer has also been targeted by the netizens and received hate for her friendship with Pratik Sehajpal. She recently opened up about all the hate messages she had received and how they affected her mental health. While the revelation infuriated us, we’re glad that Neha gave befitting replies to all her trolls and asked them to back off. But, it seems that certain netizens have still not learned their lesson and found another reason to spew hatred towards her.

The Dhunki singer was recently spotted at a restaurant in Mumbai with BB 15 co-contestant, Rajiv Adatia. The two looked absolutely stunning together and TBH, we miss seeing them in the reality show now. While Rajiv sported a printed shirt and grey trousers, Neha wore a leather crop top with a risque neckline and paired it with a long skirt in purple. Netizens were quick to criticise her outfit and unabashedly made lewd comments on her. They even dragged another BB OTT contestant, Urfi Javed, into the comment section and NGL, it’s infuriating AF.

From slut-shaming to age-shaming, several users did it all sans an iota of shame. They called her Urfi’s elder sister and asked if she took fashion inspiration from her sartorial choices. For the unversed, the Bepannaah actress gets massively trolled on social media for her outfits that have often been called bizarre and unconventional. Sadly, certain people do not just make nasty comments on their attires, but also her body and character.

During a conversation with a leading daily, Urfi said that the negativity did not bother her because she never dressed to please people. She said, “I never gave a f***. I don’t care at all. Why will the opinion of stupid people bother me? Even if I get dressed in a way that is pleasing to people, I know I will get trolled. Log Ananya Pandey, Janhvi Kapoor ko nahi chodte toh main kiss khet ki mooli hu (Ananya Pandey and Jhanvi Kapoor get trolled, who I am then).”


Neha recently opened up about her mental health in a tweet and wrote, “I am grateful to be remembered with Love. Little things matter to me. After Bigg Boss OTT I needed therapy and anti-depressants. After Bigg Boss 15 I just let the universe love me. I remember my housemates with love too and wish them all well.”

TBH, it’s heartbreaking that the singer had to go through it all because certain netizens could not stop themselves from spewing unnecessary hatred on social media. What’s even more infuriating is the fact that they have still not learned their lessons and find it okay to troll her with the nastiest comments. Well, the world would be a better place without their unsolicited opinions.

Also, we’re glad that Neha is in a better place now mentally and emotionally and we hope that she doesn’t give two hoots about the online negativity.

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