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Smell Luxurious, Spend Economically By Opting For Attar Over EDPs

Smell Luxurious, Spend Economically By Opting For Attar Over EDPs

Always wondered what it would be like if your perfume lasted all day and didn’t stain your clothes? Then, Attar is the answer to your prayers. Extracted from flowers, wood, resins, and even spices, it has been part of Indian traditions for centuries. We began to reject our own gold mine, to instead worship Western perfumery. Brands like Chanel, Dior, Marc Jacobs and even Zara have become the go-to to smell great. Let’s question our love for such perfumes, by comparing our Attar against their perfumes.

Why Atttars Are The Way To Go

Concentration Levels

Attar is the most concentrated form of perfume, which means the smell is stronger. It lasts way longer than an Eau De Parfum on your skin or even your clothes. You can go to bed with attar and wake up smelling exactly the same.

Wise investments

Attar is a much much better investment than an EDP, mainly because it is pocket-friendly and a better economic decision. If you head to Nizamuddin in Delhi, go to any attar shop and you will find that on average a bottle of good quality attar costs you a few hundred rupees, as opposed to a few thousand for a high-end perfume. Why would you settle for an alcoholic mixed mist when you can get a rich, natural, strong and authentic scent for less than half the price? Having said that we know not ALL attars are cheap and if you went looking, you would find expensive options as well.


Natural & Nourishing

Attar is alcohol-free. We cannot stress this enough!!! Instead of being diluted with alcohol or watered down, attars are concentrated in oil. Do you know what else is great about them being alcohol-free? They are good for the skin, instead of drying it out, attars nourish the skin.

Go Green

Attars are much more eco friendly compared to EDPs. They are biodegradable, made from natural products and completely chemical-free. If that isn’t a reason to switch from synthetic to natural, we don’t know what is!

If you’re still not convinced, think about how now it is trending for global luxury brands to have Indian scents like oudh, sandalwood, desi gulab, nargis, rajnigandha in their bottles. Why not wear traditional Indian scents, made in traditional methods with pride? Go (Orange, White &) Green and try out some attar.

Featured Image: Pexels

17 May 2022

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