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Still Using Hair Ties? Here’s Why You Might Want To Reconsider Them & Use Alternatives Immediately

Still Using Hair Ties? Here’s Why You Might Want To Reconsider Them & Use Alternatives Immediately

Bit of trivia: A fantastic hair day has been proven to have a strong psychological impact. It makes you feel extra creative, socially confident, and in power, according to studies. But when you’re having a bad hair day, despite the fact that hair ties keep your hair out of your face, they do some serious harm to your tresses due to three factors: overstretching, follicle damage, and receding hairlines (ah yeah).

Hair ties are a tried-and-true updo staple, but there’s a reason they’re at the bottom of the list for most young girls and hair experts. Have you ever pondered why your typical elastic band didn’t make it to the list of a hairstylist’s favourites? We’ve laid it all out for you so you you’re convinced about ditching the traditional hair ties and switching to the below options.

Why Should You Think Twice Before Using Hair Ties?


What does it mean to overstretch? It all has to do with the flexibility of your hair. Hair elasticity is defined as how far a single piece of hair can stretch before returning to its usual form, according to experts. If you like tight hairdos, have a look at your hair’s flexibility. It’s as simple as wetting a strand of hair and stretching it till it snaps. Low elasticity is shown by a quick snap, medium elasticity is indicated by a partial stretch, and high elasticity is indicated by an extremely long stretch.

While a receding hairline may sound dramatic, celebrity stylists confirm that an extremely tight, snatched pony or bun can induce hairline breaking due to tension and weight. This is known as traction alopecia, which is characterised by a receding hairline caused by constant stress.

Finally, there’s follicular damage to consider. Tight hairdos are the greatest nightmare for your follicles (the tunnel-shaped outer layer of your strands). Hair stylists warn that your hair ties can frequently be overly tight, causing damage to the wrapped hair. They also advise that tight hairdos cause hair follicle damage and stress out your locks.

Here Are Our Fave Alternatives To Hair Ties That’ll Make You Look Like A Million Bucks

Claw Clips


A claw clip is a fantastic way to secure your strands, whether your hair is long or short. Sweep your twists and big braids away from your face with this celestial glory, which is suitable for all hair types and textures. Choose a jumbo version of claw clips for twice the enjoyment.

Satin Scrunchies


A satin set of large and fat scrunchies sings your hair to sleep while protecting it from creasing. Scrunchies, despite their name, are a high-end nod to the 1990s. They’re here to add a touch of class to your hair, wrist, or vanity — anywhere you put them.

Hair Sticks


When you’ve had enough of your elastic hair ties, you’ve probably tried using chopsticks – or, in my case, pencils – to tie up your hair. It’s time for an upgrade: this hair stick screams “class.”

Head Wrap


This 3-in-1 head wrap is not only retro elegant, but also functional: Wear it as a simple headband, a stylish head wrap, or remove the bow to secure a ponytail.

Scarves FTW


Scarves are more than just knots and bows. Form a low ponytail, then wrap a scarf all around width of the pony beginning at the top. For a cool contrast, leave a section of the hair visible towards the end.

Elastic Hair Comb


Another option that I now refuse to live without: The elastic hair comb makes it easy to create ah-mazing twists and ponytails while putting no strain on your hair. Cha-ching!

Add them to your cart now, since they’ll be the next big thing!

Featured Image: Instagram

23 Jun 2022

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