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Looking For An Internship? 9 Websites You MUST Check Out!

Looking For An Internship? 9 Websites You MUST Check Out!

At some point or the other, we all have struggled to find an absolutely awesome internship for ourselves. We all know that if you land up doing the right kind of internship, you can learn a whole lot before you actually set foot in the hardcore professional world! So, let us give you a hand. Check out this list of portals where you can choose what’s best for you from a truckload of options!

1. Internshala

This website is an absolute treasure. It offers a plethora of internships in various cities and categories, so whether you’re looking for a designing internship or a technical one, you will find all of it here: www.internshala.com

2. Letsintern

This too is an extremely useful and well-equipped website which offers a multitude of interesting internships. Based on your skill, interest or the city you want to intern in, you can find your suitable fit here: www.letsintern.com

2 where to find an internship

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor provides options for both jobs and internships. People have the option of (privately) posting their designation and salaries on the portal, which can help you compare your offer with that of others. Check it out here: www.glassdoor.com

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4. Hello Intern

It’s not just a quirky name – this website has a lot of opportunities for people who are just starting out. You can choose to intern with big companies or startups or even non profit organizations. Take a trip here: www.hellointern.com

4 where to find an internship

5. Twenty19

Twenty19, apart from offering internships in various fields, also offers details of courses you can take up, and contests that you can participate in. Visit them here: http://www.twenty19.com/

6. LinkedIn

Yes, this has internships too. Before you start hunting for internships, make sure you create/update your linkedin profile. Not only will you find a lot of internships here, but a lot of potential employers will be able to see your details, and that may open up a lot of avenues for you. Try it here: www.linkedin.com

6 where to find an internship

7. Angellist

This is among the best startup networks you will find online. If you are aspiring to intern with a startup – this is a good option. A lot of startups keep coming up with multiple openings in different fields. Create a profile, and then you can pick what you like. Here it is: www.angellist.com

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8. Indian Internship

Engineering, management, science, pharma, finance or commerce – whatever field you are seeking an internship in, do pay this site a visit. Find it here: www.indianinternship.com

8 where to find an internship

9. Media Jobs Daily

Okay, so this one is a Facebook group, and there are a ton of internship opportunities here, especially from the media sector. It has over one lakh members, and has a lot of awesome options for you to delve into. Find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mediajobsdaily/

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15 Jul 2016

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