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5 Spots You’re Probably Missing While Applying Sunscreen

5 Spots You’re Probably Missing While Applying Sunscreen

Fun Fact: Did you know that if you step outdoors without applying sunscreen, your skin will burn in less than 10 minutes? Hell, yeah! You’re about to commit an immoral act against the divine law of nature. Breaking the commandments (skincare routine) will do you no good. Hence, keeping a sunscreen handbook within your reach is the best practice for your skin.

Having said that, we often tend to miss applying the right amount of sunscreen to the pesky areas of our bodies. Don’t even get us started on how important it is to equally protect these areas, just like your face. And if you apply sunscreen to the areas you tend to miss, you’ll be at a lower risk of attracting sun damage and skin cancer. So, “where to apply sunscreen” is the question we often ask.

Are you curious to know about the parts of the skin we overlook when applying sunscreen? Here’s a lowdown on areas of your skin that require your maximum attention now.

5 Spots You’re Missing While Applying Sunscreen


All Ears

If there’s one important area we all seem to neglect, it’s drum roll— our ears. Hey, wait! It’s not only the ears but we also forget to apply sunscreen behind the ears. Guilty? You won’t be anymore. We’re here to school you about the significance of this part of your face. It is, in fact, a high-risk area for skin cancer. So, gear up to slap on some sunscreen even on the back of your ears before you step out to run errands.

On The Nose

Hey everybody, listen up! We are here to spill some beans on the area that needs your complete attention — your nose. Dermats confirm that most of us invite sunburn and sun damage on this spot as we pay less heed to our noses. Those who use spectacles tend to avoid applying them to the nose in order to avoid having to remove their glasses.

A Moment On The Lips

Quite often eyes, ears, nose, hands and feet are frequently overlooked when it comes to protecting your skin from the harmful damage of UV rays. But what about lips? Do we use a lip balm that offers a broad-spectrum SPF of 15 or more? Nah! People who often go out in the sun can come in contact with precancerous growths on the outer layer of their. Hence, a regular sunscreen will do the job, too.

The Upper Chest

We’ve made it a regular routine to protect ourselves and our skin during the summer. We never forget to apply sunscreen to our faces, necks, and hands, but what about applying sunscreen to our chests? The upper part of your chest is most exposed to direct sunlight. So, applying a generous amount of sunscreen should do the trick.

Top Of Your Hands & Feet

Your hands and feet are one of the first parts of your body to show signs of ageing. Experts quote that you can tell a person’s real age just by looking at their hands. Your hands and feet, like your face, receive constant sun exposure. So, you have no chance to forget these spots before you spend time slathering a good amount of sunscreen on your body. 

Here’s hoping that you take down notes before you forget to pay attention to these pesky areas of your body. Come on, they need you RN!

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18 May 2022

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