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25 Things You Think If You Overthink, Well, EVERYTHING!

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


Life as an over-thinker isn’t easy! You’re constantly searching for the snooze-button in your brain that will allow you to have five minutes of peace and quiet, while simultaneously searching for the literal snooze button on your alarm because you set it one, two, three times in advance to when you actually have to wake up (you couldn’t decide which was the best option)! Oh, and it doesn’t stop there – then you have your whole DAY to make decisions, figure out things like what to wear and where to meet your friends and, of course, navigate the minefield of text messages with your boy! Here are 25 things that happen during the day that we’re sure most – if not all – over-thinkers will relate to!

1. OMG, It’s 8. Should I hit snooze? Shouldn’t I? Will I get super late if I do hit snooze? Oh, for God’s sake, why is this so difficult, I’m still half-asleep.


2. Shall I message him good morning now? Or after I have had my breakfast? Maybe I’ll do it while eating breakfast. But what if I get butter on my phone?

3. Hmm, coffee or tea? Well, I had tea yesterday, so I guess I should have coffee today. Then again, it’s better to implement a morning routine. Maybe I’ll just have tea. No, no, coffee it is – variety is the spice of life, after all.

4. “M̶o̶r̶n̶i̶n̶g, g̶o̶o̶d̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶n̶i̶n̶g̶, Heyyy, what’s up, babe?” Wait. Hey with two y-s or three?


5. OMG! I’m getting late for work! Should I send my boss a text saying that I’ll be coming in late, or do I just make up a quick excuse when I reach? Or even better, don’t say anything at all?

6. Wait, what was the weather forecast for today? How will I decide what to wear if I don’t know that!?

7. I look cute today! But.. uhm, can I wear this skirt to office? Not sure it’s 100% appropriate… But it’s way too hot to wear pants! Oh my god, I am LATE, no time to change now. :-/


8. Should I take the highway or not? What if there’s traffic, though? I’ll never make it then! WHY are ALL the channels on the radio playing songs only when I need a traffic update?!

9. Hmm, finally at work. Not too late either. But why did my boss say “Hey, you’re here” like that?

10. Wait. What did she mean when she said that?! Obviously not what she actually said, DUH. Her expression was SO sarcastic. I’m gonna figure this out, just you wait.


11. Hmm, she wants new ideas for our latest venture? I do have a good idea. Maybe this is my chance to impress her. But why isn’t anybody else trying to answer? Hmm, is this a trick question? Maybe I should keep quiet.

12. God, I’m so hungry! I’m going to order myself a pizza as soon as I get out of this meeting. Or maybe something Chinese, but definitely not from across the street, it’s unhygienic! Sheila got sick last week because of eating food from there… Wow, I don’t feel like eating anymore!

13. Have a quick little check of Le Facebook. Ooo, Tina got a new dog, Sakshi got a new dress, Natasha got a new boyfriend, clearly! Wait, is that status about me? Was it because I’m now friends with her best friend? Ugh, she’s SO immature. Whatever, I’m logging off.


14. Oh God, I forgot I’m supposed to be taking notes for this meeting! What will I give my boss after it’s over? A BLANK document?! Oh, she is SO going to fire me.

15. Should there be a comma here? Or a dash? Maybe I should put a full-stop and start a new sentence. Or a new paragraph?

16. Wait! Do Jabong & Flipkart have a flat 50% sale today? Have to totally check it out! I wonder if 50 % means like 50% off your total cart or 50% off only on, like, two-three things?


17. Wait, what was I thinking about again?! OMG, I was supposed to be paying attention to this meeting. Damn, why do I keep forgetting?

18. Ahh, this day has finally ended. Now, metro, rick or cab? Decisions decisions!

19. Hmmm. Might as well take a cab, because I’m in no mood to deal with the crowd, pushing and noise at the station. I’ll also reach home quickly and comfortably! Cab it is! Wait? But what if I get stuck in pea- hour traffic?!


20. I’m so good at thinking about stuff, people should actually hire me to make decisions for them.

21. If I watch one episode of something now, then I can probably also fit in half a movie before I sleep. Should I watch a rom-com or suspense?

22. But if I watch a suspense thriller, I might have scary dreams! Okay, nono, no suspense! Only rom-com! 😀


23. I wish I read more, then I would totally read some books before I slept. Hmm. Need to think about that tomorrow.

24. I’m so tired, I really want to sleep now. Why do I have so many thoughts when I’m in bed?!

25. Wait, but – should I put an alarm for 8? But what if it doesn’t go off? I’ll put another one for 7:45 just in case. And one for 7:30. But isn’t that too early? UGH.

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