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The Sooner You Get Into Anti-Ageing Skincare, The Better! Here’s Why

The Sooner You Get Into Anti-Ageing Skincare, The Better! Here’s Why

Remember that first pimple you got as a teenager? Did it make you start using a neem face wash and putting toothpaste on your breakout or are you normal? Ah, those were the days.

Thanks to the major product developments that have taken place in the beauty world, it’s safe to say that beauty has gotten way more advanced and also a tad bit confusing. The options are endless and finding the correct treatments for your skin concern seems like a mammoth task. To make your life simpler, we’re here to bust a myth that anti-ageing skincare products should only be used in and after your 40s. This isn’t true at all. Anti-ageing skincare should actually be started in your 20s and here’s why.

Why Start Anti-Ageing So Early?

Photoageing or premature ageing is a direct result of too much sun exposure or UV damage from artificial sources (blue light) like your phone or laptop screens. Considering we are constantly on our smart devices and don’t really apply sunscreen indoors (even though we should), anti-ageing products sound like the best way forward. You may not realise that the cause of your skin looking dull or dehydrated aside from other concerns like acne, is because of sun and blue light damage. And just because the word ‘ageing’ is used in product communications shouldn’t offend you and make you refrain from what’s really good for your skin. Prevention is so much better than cure and this rings true especially when it comes to skincare.

What Does Anti-Ageing Skincare Actually Do?

It focuses on de-stressing your skin and keeping it healthy and youthful. Collagen boosting action to plump up skin is one of the main features that you probably already know of but there’s more to it than just that. Since UV damage causes premature signs of ageing like dark spots, dullness, and pigmentation, these products work to reverse the damage and for that reason, they often serve up some hard-hitting ingredients. Retinol, niacinamide, peptides, vitamins, and natural extracts are popular in anti-ageing products and you know how gaga everyone is about them already. 


Even if your skin does not have prominent wrinkles and you are still experiencing acne, anti-ageing skincare will be able to revive your skin and prevent future breakouts. This is because the very ingredients used to treat fine lines and improve skin texture also work to banish pimples. You just have to find the right formulas for your skin type and you are all set.

Which Sort Of Products Work Best?

Sunscreens may not be outrightly deemed anti-ageing but it is the first rule to follow that you must not break. Serums layered with creams are also great for morning and night routines. Aside from these basics, chemical peels or exfoliators used once a week are amazing in keeping signs of ageing nowhere close to your visage. 

Anti-Ageing Products That We Totally Love

Locked & Loaded

Powered by retinol and soothing plant ingredients, this serum will improve your overall skin texture and leave almost no skin concern untreated. It is ideal to be worn only at night under a moisturiser or sleeping mask.

Night In Shining Armour

The best way to begin your anti-ageing regimen is with a rich night mask like this one. It provides antioxidants to strengthen skin, improve elasticity and keep blemishes at bay.


Nature’s Best Offering

Rosehip oil is touted as one of the best natural anti-ageing ingredients that even celebs consider as the perfect fix for their skin. This pure oil is one to definitely add to your beauty stash right away.

Peel To Heal

Chemical peels gently exfoliate skin to remove dead skin cells and revive a more youthful glow. This chemical exfoliator has a fruity formula that features vitamin C, salicylic acid and more such skin-nurturing goodness.

Plump & Ready

A leave-on mask that doesn’t need to be washed off, this product is super amazing. It instantly plumps up the skin and also serves as a great makeup primer with skin-pampering ingredients.

Get on the anti-ageing bandwagon right away and thank us later!


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15 Feb 2022

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