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You’ll Be Surprised At What’s Really Causing Your Hair Fall

You’ll Be Surprised At What’s Really Causing Your Hair Fall

Do you struggle with breakage and hair fall? Chances are that it’s probably because of these common haircare habits you follow everyday that are actually big mistakes. And TBH, not just you, we are all guilty of them.

From using the wrong hair accessories to tie your hair to combing your hair the wrong way, here are a bunch of haircare habits you’ve been following all your life that are actually the worst.

Skipping Conditioner

This is something that many of us are guilty of. Not applying conditioner after shampoo is a crime because you are therefore not hydrating your hair in order for it to stay healthy. Shampoos usually strip the hair of moisture and even if you do only use shampoos on your scalp, the lather that reaches your hair lengths can make them dry and prone to breakage.

The MyGlamm SUPERFOODS Onion & Moringa Conditioner is an ah-mazing conditioner is a lightweight hair conditioner that is easy to use in the shower and makes the hair super shiny.


Brushing Wet Hair

Using a regular hair brush right after you’ve washed your hair is the fastest way to cause breakage. When your hair is wet, it is more susceptible to breakage because it is in a fragile state. Either wait for your hair to dry or simply invest in a wet hair brush as they have special bristles that are designed to be used on wet hair without causing damage.

My favourite wet hair brush that detangles hair without tugging is the Tangle Teezer Wet Detangler Hairbrush for Detangling With Less Breakage.

Avoiding Heat Protection

If you’ve been using heat styling tools like a flat iron, tong, or even a blow dryer without applying any kind of heat protectant product, you’ve seriously messed up. Heat damage makes your hair super brittle, dry, and burnt out. Your hair will not feel smooth and soft without a heat protectant and will even be more prone to frizz.

A trusted and easy-to-use heat protectant product I swear by is the Milk Shake Lifestyling Amazing Hair Spray.


Aggressive Combing

Do not aggressively comb your hair to remove knots; you are only causing breakage and lots of split ends by doing that. If your hair is unruly, apply a hair serum and gently detangle knots with your fingers before running a comb through your hair from tips to the roots.

Having a hair serum on you at all times is essential and the Wella Professional Luminous Oil Reflections Smoothing Oil is my personal saviour.

Elastic Hair Ties

Those thin black elastic hair ties are the reason why you have so many flyaways. Tying your hair with these elastic bands causes breakage at the crown since they are rough. Stop using these bands and use silk or satin scrunchies instead.

I’ve stocked up on the Fix My Curls Italian Satin Scrunchies and they’ve changed my life and my hair.


Sleeping With Wet Hair

Taking a shower before bed puts you in the most relaxed state and helps you sleep better. But don’t hit the sheets before you dry your hair. Sleeping with wet hair also leads to breakage and hair fall because of the friction of nestling your hair on the pillow and also because your hair is fragile when it is wet. Either blow-dry your hair or use a quick-drying hair towel.

The Bronson Professional Hair Wrapper Towel is a great product to have if you like washing your hair at night.

Top Knots

You may think that this hairstyle is cute and lazy-girl friendly but unfortunately, it’s not worth it. The amount of breakage and hair fall caused by top knots outweighs its looks and that’s why you need to stop. Instead of this hairstyle, clip your hair up with a claw clip as that avoids damage and it also looks super chic.

I always have the Krelin Women Set of 3 Matte Hair Claw Clips in my bag and they come in so many pretty colours.


If you’re guilty of these toxic haircare habits, ditch them today for the sake of your hair.

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23 Aug 2023

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