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11 Hilarious Things That Would Happen If Men Woke Up As Women

11 Hilarious Things That Would Happen If Men Woke Up As Women

It’s funny how when it comes to women, people just assume or generalize stuff. From commenting on a woman’s lifestyle and fashion choices, the questions and comments are endless. But what if, a man got to experience life first hand as a woman? Here are 11 things that would totally happen if men woke up as women.


1. When the good ol’ bra strap makes a special appearance

Guys, you’ll be mortified to realise how people make such a big fuss about a strap of cloth!

2. Someone pointing out to the length of your skirt

And then they’ll also determine your character from it. What can we say, welcome to our lives!

3. Being told ‘it’s that time of the month na’

For every damn thing. Now you see how irritating it is?

3 men woke up as women - ryan reynolds irritated

4. It’ll be assumed that you’d like only breezers and wine

When IRL, you have an amazing threshold for alcohol!

5. No matter what you wear, you’ll be judged

Haters be hating, what can we say!

6. Or how you conduct yourself for that matter

Sitting with your legs wide open is no more an option, boys!

6 men woke up as women - jim carrey

7. You’ll be told that it’s not okay for you to stay out late

Because men will be, err, men?

8. Your ability to find a suitor will be directly proportional to your cooking skills!

Round rotis, anyone?

9. You’ll be told ‘you won’t understand, it’s technical’

Mansplaining is real.  

9 men woke up as women - mansplaining is real guy shocked

10. Heavy, physical tasks are for you to keep at bay…


11. Welcome to the world of being called names for fancying people from the opposite sex

For a man, the respected terminology is ‘Casanova’. How convenient!

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17 Aug 2017

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