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Backless To Deep Neck: Perfect Lingerie For Every Tricky Outfit!

Backless To Deep Neck: Perfect Lingerie For Every Tricky Outfit!

We’re pretty sure that every girl has wondered what type of underwear a celeb is wearing, every time they step out in risqué red carpet dresses and work it with confidence. Deep V-necks, sheer panels, backless dresses and thigh-high slits… Learn how to successfully wear a revealing dress without flashing your underwear or having to go sans underwear! Just like the celebs do it!

1. A Super High-Cut Slit

1 What to wear under tricky dresses

Image: Viral Bhayani

If you’re blessed with gorgeous legs and love showing them off, then you can definitely rock a thigh-high slit as well as any celebrity. Of course the chances of you flashing your undies is really slim with a slit, but it’s always safer to wear skin coloured panties.

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2. A Seriously Sheer Dress Or Top

2 What to wear under tricky dresses

Image: Shraddha Kapoor on Instagram

There’s something really pretty about sheer fabrics and see-through lace. And yes, they can be worn without looking too risqué. All you need is confidence and bras and panties that are seamless and nude in colour. If you don’t want to reveal too much then you can even wear a nude camisole that is well fitted. It won’t look jarring against the outfit or take anything away from it.

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3. The Oh-So Fitted Bodycon

3 What to wear under tricky dresses

Image: Shutterstock

Celebs are human too. So how can they wear curve-hugging silhouettes without unflattering bunching and bulges and lumps? Well, believe it or not, but so can you! The secret is a spanx bodysuit! There’s nothing to feel embarrassed about, almost all celebs wear shapewear on the red carpet. In fact, Kim Kardashian (the queen of body-hugging dresses) swears by spanx so much that she claims to wear two layers of it all the time! Sounds a bit ridiculous? Don’t worry, one layer is more than enough to give you smooth curves too!

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4. Backless And Flawless

4 What to wear under tricky dresses

Image: Shutterstock

Always wanted to wear a low-cut blouse or a stunning backless dress but couldn’t because, well, bra issues?! So, the trick is to try adhesive bras. They’re basically stick on cups that are a blessing in disguise when you want to wear a gorgeous, backless outfit. They may feel a bit weird at first and like they’re going to fall off any second, but don’t worry, they won’t. As long as you’re not running a marathon or sweating profusely, they should stay in place just fine.

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5. Deep Plunges And V-Necks

5 What to wear under tricky dresses

Image: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

Cleavage can be tasteful too and if you want to rock a plunging neckline or a slightly low V-neck like a celebrity, you need to get your hands on a plunge bra. They’re like regular bras but just designed to wear under cleavage-baring outfits. If you have a smaller chest then you can just try double-sided tape, one side sticks to your skin and other sticks to the dress to keep it in place and prevent it from falling away from your bust. Adhesive bras and nipple stickers are also good options to try when you’re wearing a low-cleavage dress.

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6. All White Everything

6 What to wear under tricky dresses

Image: Shutterstock

A white shirt is classy and sophisticated but it can still be tricky to wear. Don’t you just hate puckering buttons when you can see your chest through those embarrassing gaps? The solution is a minimiser bra, which will decrease the chances of this happening with the buttons. As for a fitted white dress or white pants, the most embarrassing thing is having your panties show through. Surprisingly, you should be wearing grey panties under as they blend in the best under white pants.

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7. The Flared Mini

7 What to wear under tricky dresses

Image: Shutterstock

Short skater dresses and flared mini skirts are ultra cute but you don’t want any accidental flashes thanks to sudden gusts of wind. Just do what most of our Bollywood actresses do while dancing around in these short numbers – slip on a pair of tiny shorts. Skin coloured ones are a good idea. You’ll definitely feel more comfortable in a pretty flared dress with them on.

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Go rock those gorgeous dresses now!

Featured Image: Shutterstock

31 Aug 2016

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