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How To Pick The *Perfect* Outfit For The Next Big Party!

How To Pick The *Perfect* Outfit For The Next Big Party!

Parties are the highlight of our social life! And getting ready is the best part about going out. Not only because we love getting primped up but also because it is the perfect opportunity to click some awesome selfies.*Wink*

But thanks to our constant ‘we-have-nothing-to-wear’ syndrome, it gets tough to step up our style game. Here’s an expert tip that will get you going – always get ready with a bunch of your closest friends! Put some Beyonce on blast, bounce ideas off each other and feel free to borrow each other’s clothes. Sounds like the perfect plan, right?

This video, in association with Aeropostale, shows you some of the best party looks and super easy ways to achieve them. Armed with your best friend’s opinions and fashion tips by POPxo, you’ll be more than ready to make some heads turn!


*This is a sponsored post for Aeropostale.

04 Jan 2017

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