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Postponing Your Wedding Due To Coronavirus? 6 Things You Need To Do RN

Postponing Your Wedding Due To Coronavirus? 6 Things You Need To Do RN

With the number of coronavirus positive cases and travel restrictions across the globe increasing by the day, several couples are forced to postpone or cancel their wedding. You must be planning this day for months, maybe a year, but these are difficult times and we’ve got to take precautions. We all know that social distancing is the most responsible and sensible route to take right now and getting married in such a situation is not recommended.

We understand how difficult it is to take such a big decision and how overwhelmed you must be feeling. Therefore, if you are on the verge of postponing or cancelling your wedding due to the unfortunate coronavirus outbreak, we are here to help. 

Here’s a guide on everything you need to do if you’re thinking about pushing your shaadi date

1. Postpone Your Wedding, Do NOT Cancel

We suggest that rather than cancelling your wedding, postpone it. Cancelling the wedding might be hard on your pocket, depending on the kind of contract with your vendors. If your deposits are non-refundable, what’s the point of cancelling the wedding, right?

If you are getting married in the next two months, postpone NOW. There’s no point waiting for the situation to ease down because we don’t know how or when this pandemic will end. 

2. Talk To Your Vendors ASAP

If you and your partner have decided to postpone or cancel the wedding, talk to your vendors ASAP. Think of your decorator, for instance. What if they have already sourced material for your wedding? Same goes for your caterer. These are tough times and we all have to look out for each other. So call them at the earliest and figure out how to take things forward. 

3. Keep Calm & Know That There WILL Be Some Financial Loss

Well, this is easier said than done, sure, but this is something that you will have to prepare yourself for. How much money you’ll lose will actually depend on your individual contracts with your vendors. Even though several vendors are being flexible given the situation, their amount of flexibility will depend on how soon your wedding is. For example, if your wedding is just around the corner and your caterer already ordered for perishable products, you might have to incur some losses. 

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But at the same time, the entertainers, the DJ, the florist should be able to give full refunds since their tasks didn’t really happen. 

4. Pick Up A New Date & Be Flexible

You can postpone your wedding for now, but the planning can continue. So, pick a new date right away, but be flexible. Why? Because vendors often book up a year or more in advance, so they might not be available on your desired dates. You might have to get married during the offseason, but that’s okay. What’s the point of getting married and not having your loved ones around you? Reschedule your wedding and party even harder!

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5. Keep Your Guests Updated

As a bride, who was waiting for her D-day so eagerly, you might be feeling a little disappointed at this point and we understand, but don’t forget to keep your guests informed. It’s important to call the invitees and tell them about your postponement plans so that they can also rebook their flights and hotel accommodations accordingly. Considering the situation, your guests are also worried about their health, so, call them not just to inform them about your plans, also to check on how they are doing.

6. Look At The Bigger Picture

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do right now. Your wedding is a celebration of love with your family and friends, and there’s no point in having a wedding without them. So, breathe, relax and look at the bigger picture here. If not now, you will have a bigger and better wedding soon!

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24 Mar 2020

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