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Had To Peel Off Your Gel Nails At Home? Here’s What You Should Do Next!

Had To Peel Off Your Gel Nails At Home? Here’s What You Should Do Next!

The first time I removed my gel nail polish at home, it was a disaster! It happened last year and I still remember how painful it was. While I was successful at removing the gel nail polish, I also scraped the top layer of my nail off. To make matters even worse, I applied too much pressure while filing my pinky finger and my nail broke which lead to a little bit of bleeding after. My only advise to you is, if you have no experience in removing gel nail polish, do not do it by yourself at home. Let the nail experts do their job.

Many manicurists know for a fact that if you remove gel nails by yourself, you most certainly will damage your nails. You see, unlike regular nail polish, gels are formulated to bond tighter to the nails, which makes the manicure last for a longer period of time. If you take good care of your gel manicure, it can last you for about 2-3 weeks without chipping. The only con that comes with gel nail polish is that it’s extremely time-consuming to remove and apply. You should need to be super patient during the process. 

The Next Time You Peel Off Gel Nails, Remember This…


When peeling off your gel nails at home, understand that you can remove the top layer of your nail palette too (just how I did). Wait, there are more consequences – if done incorrectly, it will make your nails brittle and easier to break in the future too. 

If you’ve ignored all the red flags and still went ahead and peeled the gel off your nails, you can’t undo the damage. However, there is still a way to nurse your nails back to health. First things first, top your nails with a nail strengthener and second, apply cuticle oil on your nails every day. 

These two methods promote nail growth, help nails become stronger and keep your cuticles moisturised. 

Also, guys, since we’re under lockdown. I’m aware that you won’t get help from a manicurist to remove those gel nails anytime soon. After trial and error, I have learned how to remove gel nails correctly at home. If you follow these steps, even you can do a great job at home!

Take it slow, do it carefully and you’ll do just fine. 


17 Apr 2020

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