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What Kind Of Girlfriend Are You? Your Zodiac Reveals All…

Your zodiac sign can say a lot about your life – and your love life! Being the best girlfriend that you can be is something everyone aims for, but we all have our individual strengths when it comes to relationships. Some of us make better listeners, entertainers or even know just when to leave our partners alone. And some of us are the caring, nurturing kind. Find out what YOUR “girlfriend” style is according to your zodiac sign!


The Aries Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend aries

Attracted to action and independence, you bring the same sizzling energy and dynamic nature to your relationship! Although you are outwardly tough, your inner innocence takes over when it comes to dating.  You love the chemistry and romance that dominates the early part of a relationship and are likely to be invested from the first date itself. Once in love you can be extremely understanding, especially if your own needs are understood and cared for.

The Taurus Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend taurus

Outwardly easygoing, you love the good life and don’t believe in playing around when it comes to dating. You are fiercely loyal and expect the same commitment back that you are willing to give. Once you find the right man you will not hesitate to sacrifice your own needs for those of your better half’s.

The Gemini Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend gemini

One of the multiple sides to your personality loves being in love! Though you are love being flirtatious, the likelihood of you being unfaithful in a relationship is very, very low. Once you find a man who can keep up with your brilliant sense of humour, constant chitter-chatter and witticisms, he will be sure to be permanently entertained and fall deeply in love! Hopefully you will too. 😉

The Cancer Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend cancer

Being a highly intuitive and sensitive soul, you make for one of the most caring signs. Your excellent communication skills are something your partner truly values you for. Your Cancerian shell makes you appear shy at first, but when you find the tough yet tender guy who can rule your heart, you’re happy to be more involved and committed than ever before!

The Leo Girlfriend

Zodiac girlfriend LEO

Love makes the world go round, and you know this all too well, Leo! You are a loyalist, and can charm your way into your boyfriend’s heart just by the sheer warmth and generosity that you possess! You value feeling respected and loved at all times, but don’t forget to shine this attention back on your partner from time to time. 🙂

The Virgo Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend virgo

You are sentimental and romantic when you want to be, but your practicality ensures that your head rules your heart and does not allow you to fall blindly in love. Intelligent and astute, you will coolly observe and remember the little things, and question your mate’s statements and actions from time to time – until you are convinced everything is in perfect coordination! When this happens, you finally understand what the world has been singing about: love!

The Libra Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend libra

You are picky when it comes to your choice in men, and this is no bad thing. Being such a balanced and beautiful soul yourself, it’s natural that you will take time to find someone you can truly connect with. You don’t enjoy dominating OR being bossed around in a relationship – the perfect balance and harmony is just right for you. Not the one to shy away from a good discussion, your charming conversation skills leave your lover in awe.

The Scorpio Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend scorpio

Loyal to the core, you are almost addicted to love – yet the fear of heartbreak hinders you from surrendering yourself to it completely. Once you decide to take the plunge, however, you are absolutely trustworthy (and trusting!) and infuse a sense of intensity in the relationship that hooks your partner. Your confidence, sexuality and ambition are attributes that make you to an amazing girlfriend.

The Sagittarius Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend sagiittarius

Ever the optimist you always manage to see the true potential in your partner! Your endless quest for adventure and freedom make you an interesting girlfriend to say the least! There is a childlike innocence about you that captivates your lover, but your fierce need for independence sometimes deters him from being able to take care of you. Once you find true love, however, you don’t hesitate in settling down.

The Capricorn Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend capricorn

You are considered a formidable force in the dating game, and it takes a lot to tie you down! Any man who has the pleasure of dating a Capricorn girl has to be strong and independent himself, as those are qualities your sign was born with. While you are not one to dominate a relationship, you sure won’t take things lying down if you don’t like them.

The Aquarius Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend aquarius

You thrive on the emotional and mindful connection that can be made with your mate. Your creative side and astute intellect shine through in conversation, and your significant is enamoured by your unique personality. You can be unpredictable as a lover – which always keeps things interesting!

The Pisces Girlfriend

zodiac girlfriend pisces

You are shy and considerably romantic, and love the idea of being in love! When it comes to relationships, your imagination allows you to think about all the potential that the relationship holds. Your nurturing and sensitive soul allows you to be a wonderful and reliable lover, but watch out for being too vulnerable, as the wrong lover might take advantage of your constant kindness.

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05 May 2016

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