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The Kind Of Father He Will Be… His Birth Number Says!

The Kind Of Father He Will Be… His Birth Number Says!

The way a man acts around children says a lot about his personality. Mature and responsible men have a way with children and don’t get irritated with their noisy presence or their constant demands. These men make for great fathers, while others take some time to get used to fatherhood.   


Your man’s birth date number influences the kind of father he will make; for it influences the kind of man he was born. However, while judging someone on the basis of numerology, we must keep in mind that their social status, upbringing and education plays an important role in constructing their personality and we shouldn’t let numerology have the last word. Having said that, here’s what his birth number says about the kind of father he might make:

Number One

Birth Dates – 1, 10, 19, 28

Number ones don’t just want to stay at the top of their game, they need to do so. They can’t live in the rule and control of another and want things to happen their way. Which is why, in the role of a father, they may get annoyed at the loss of control at the hands of the kid who would wake up when he wants, sleep when he wants and ask for odd things at odd times of the day. They may lose patience and get aggressive too, but their affectionate and easy going nature will get the better of them and with time, they will learn to adjust to the ways of the child.

Number Two

Birth Dates – 2, 11, 20, 29

Men born under these dates are family men, content with life at home. The world beyond doesn’t hold much attraction for them and the comforts of a domestic life keeps them satiated. They are loving by nature and often support their partners in raising the kids and sharing the workload. They also spend time with the kids and make their needs and demands a priority. They have the natural tendency to heal and nourish, but may get possessive and hypersensitive at times.

Number Three

3 - father

Birth Dates – 3, 12, 21, 30

Number threes are easy going men who love the good life. They’re friendly, charismatic and love being surrounded by people. No wonder then that a full house is a treat for them and they’d love to come back to it. As fathers, they would raise their child quite creatively and happily, but their need for attention and their scattered mind might irk them if they’d be asked or forced to do more than their share for the kids. But they will never be far away from their happy, entertaining self.

Number Four

Birth Dates – 4, 13, 22, 31  

These men are the most responsible and organised of the lot. They are hard workers who hold true to all their commitments – whether it is towards their professional life or their personal relationships. They are extremely reliable too and often act as ideal fathers should. They accept their responsibility towards their children and follow it through their life. However, they may have a rigid and intolerant mindset and may not always be able to bridge that generation gap easily with their children. But they will always be there for their family, as the solid foundation they can fall back upon.

Number Five

Birth Dates – 5, 14, 23

Number fives are multi-talented men who have a way with people. They’re the popular ones, the wise-cracks and the life of the party. They can easily adapt to different situations and in fact love changes in life. Which is why the birth of a child may excite them at first and get them to behave as the perfect fathers, but with time, their independence loving nature may seek something new, once again. However, they are excellent communicators and often bring love and joy in the lives of everyone close to them. They’d keep their kids happy and then probably take a break to do their own thing and eventually find their way back home again.

Number Six

6 - father

Birth Dates – 6, 15, 24

These men make for the best fathers in the world. Their natural instinct is to nurture others and provide love and support to everyone around them and this comes out powerfully when they become responsible for a new, fragile life. Generous, loyal and supportive, they desire to be of service to others and often give more than they wish to receive. They may get righteous and demand perfection from their kids too, but their loving nature will give way to their child’s happiness in every situation. They will willingly and unflinchingly, put their children and their needs above their own – and not complain about it, even once.

Number Seven

Birth Dates – 7, 16, 25

Logical and intelligent, these men have an opinion of their own and are mostly well read and well-informed about the issues of the world. But they don’t go about imposing their views on anyone, which is why they will make for excellent fathers who would hold discussions with their children and teach them well, without ever forcing them to follow one chain of thought. They are intellectuals who believe that one should live and let live.  

Number Eight  

Birth Dates – 8, 17, 26

Number eights have extremely powerful minds that bring to life whatever they imagine. They are driven and motivated and leave no stone unturned in reaching their goals. Kids then might seem a hindrance to them on their fast track to success. But they are great at masking their emotions and would not let their families or kids realise what’s running through their minds. They will make for strong fathers who will look after their kids in all situations and not let the turbulence of life affect them. They will provide them with financially and economically secure lives and drive them to live productive lives too.

Number Nine

9 - father

Birth Dates – 9, 18, 27

Number nines love to be of service to others. As fathers, they are kind and understanding. They often emerge as their kids’ greatest support system in all that they choose to do. Their compassion and broad mindset will make them a fave among all kids.

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10 Nov 2017

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