What Is Your Zodiac’s Super Power? Find Out NOW!

Gayatri SahayGayatri Sahay  |  May 5, 2016


Thanks to your zodiac sign, you can figure out just how the stars have aligned to make you the way you are. It may not always seem like it, but the universe has its cosmic ways of making sure that each person has a divine purpose. Just as superheroes categorically have their own skill set of strengths, so do you. Figure out what your sign’s super power is by reading on…

Aries – The Firestarter

superpower aries

The passion with which you do everything combined with your boundless energy and enthusiasm towards life make you virtually unstoppable when it comes to achieving your goals. In other words, you will always make sure that you will get what you want out of life! And do whatever it takes to get there.

Taurus – The Protector

superpower taurus

Whether it is for the protection of others or your own primal instinct guiding you to protect yourself, your level-headedness and practical thinking allow you to act as a complete emotional force field. Your loyal attitude and general compassion can be counted amongst many immense strengths that you possess, driving to protect all that you hold precious at any cost!

Gemini – The Shapeshifter

zodiac super power

You absorb information like no other sign! As the not-so-quiet observer, you assimilate what is happening around you and process it while also gathering more details. This arsenal of knowledge makes your intelligence levels sky-high, allowing you to quickly adapt to any given environment – and making the best of it!

Cancer – The Interpreter

zodiac super power

Your extraordinary levels of empathy for humankind make you intuitive to any situation. Your listening ear is so good that often people don’t have to even speak for them to be heard by you. Sometimes, you even know what’s happening, what’s the context, what’s the subtext – and how to turn the situation around, interpret it and resolve it even – before the people involved know what’s up!

Leo – The Silver-Liner

zodiac super power

The marvellous ability to always look on the bright side of life makes you a winner no matter which way the wind turns! Ever the optimist, you can always see the silver lining to a situation and readily be able to combat the bad – by simply using a bit of perspective!

Virgo – The Alchemist

zodiac super power

The calm ease with which you master any skill or trade makes you the benchmark for mere mortals. Since you are more often than not capable of turning something to gold the moment you lay your hands on it, your effortless stride into perfectionism ensures you inspire others around you to do the same and follow in your footsteps!

Libra – The Judge

zodiac super power

Your infinite ability to asses a situation and weigh the outcome before others means you possess one of the most coveted things in the entire universe – balance! The way you instinctively side with the “good” makes you a key member of the superhero squad, ensuring others that they won’t philander down darker paths!

Scorpio – The Avenger

zodiac super power

You can accomplish just about anything by the sheer force of will and ruthless ambition! You will stop at nothing to make sure that what you have set out to do gets done – and you’ll make sure it’s done your way. You are the essential super hero for every underdog out there, being all too willing to avenge them against wrongdoers. You have the fight within you – no one’s getting anything past you anytime soon!

Sagittarius – The Illusionist

zodiac super power

Your imagination is endless! The way in which you craft what you see in front of you creates an illusion so immense that you have the ability to cast a spell on others. This leaves them so mesmerized by what you’re saying that they almost fall under your control. The best part, though – and what allows you to retain this magnetic aura – is that you have no idea of this control. Keep it that way!

Capricorn – The Mastermind

zodiac super power

Discipline and organization are the bywords you live by. This meticulous attention to detail means you have complete control over your more emotional side and also every situation. If there were ever to be a genius (evil or good) behind any enterprise, you, Capri, are IT. You are the one others turn towards in times of crises.

Aquarius – The Healer

zodiac super power

You genuinely have the ability to reach into another person’s soul and extract all their fears, anxieties and negative energy and transform it into something productive. It’s a beautiful and nurturing quality. Your zest for life and the way you strive to make things light-hearted for others mean that you have the strength to make others feel weightless, even if you unknowingly bear the weight yourself!

Pisces – The Psychic

zodiac super power

You might as well have ESP! Your intuition is so strong that it’s as though you can see a situation manifest itself even before it is about to. As such, you can plan ahead for occasions that are out of the ordinary and help others before they jump through their own hoops to admit that they need help themselves!

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