What Does Your Zodiac Reveal About Your Personality?!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 6, 2016

Believe it or not, but star signs can reveal a lot about your personality and temperament. In spite of there being 12 star signs in the zodiac chart, each of them have characteristics that are uniquely their own. So, what is your star sign’s personality like? Read on to find out!

1. Aries – The Ram


The mind of an Aries person is far from ignorant. It is sharp, shrewd and bright. For the people they love, they will give their heart, soul, mind and body. They are very honest when it comes to giving suggestions, but at times they tend to be rather blunt in their approach. An Aries person makes a good leader, a mentor, and a counsellor. It’s their ambitious and daredevil nature that pushes them towards greater achievements. If you have an Aries friend, make sure that you treat them right, and rest assured that they’ll do the same for you. When it comes to giving good advice and being a great listener, the Aries is a champ.

Lucky Colour: Red

2. Taurus – The Bull


Just like the bull, a Taurean is stubborn, egoistic and powerful by nature. (That’s why you should NEVER mess with them.) They cannot be taken for a ride easily, and will ruin anyone’s happiness who tries to do so. They are one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac chart, and will devote their life to the ones they love. They are very good when it comes to decision-making, and always stand firm in their thoughts and beliefs. They take time to gel with people, but once you earn their trust, they will be your loyal mates forever!

Lucky Colour: Pink

3. Gemini – The Twins


Where do we start? They’ve got looks that could kill, brains that could put Sheldon Cooper to shame, and the gift of the gab. You can never get bored or fall short of conversation with Geminis because they are always brewing with energy and topics to talk about. When it comes to love and relationships, Geminis have no problems getting all the attention they want. Their vibrant persona, wit and charisma make them irresistible to anyone who tries their luck with them!

Lucky Colour: Yellow

4. Cancer – The Crab


Sometimes Cancerians can get emotional,  but that’s only if you’re important to them. As people they are sensitive, intellectually bright, moody and frequently quite possessive about the people they’re fond of. Cancerians also make great and loyal friends. If you’re looking for a loyal mate, the Cancerian is the one to meet.

Lucky Colour: White/Silver

5. Leo – The Lion


Leos are independent, strong and big risk-takers. They love challenges, and they love beating you to them as well! Since their command over whatever they do is so strong, no one tries to mess with them. They make brilliant leaders, loving friends and focused employees. Expect nothing but the truth from a Leo’s mouth – they will never sugarcoat or lie about anything.

Lucky Colour: Orange/Gold

6. Virgo – The Maiden


Only if Virgos like your company will they stick around with you. They hate hypocrisy. And like Leos, they too stand firmly by honesty. They’re always cheerful, practicable and reliable when you need them the most. When it comes to camouflaging their emotions, Virgos are professionals at it. In order to get close to a Virgo, you will have to earn their trust from scratch. But once you do, the result will be super rewarding.

Lucky Colour: Brown/Navy Blue

7. Libra – The Scales


There is nothing a Libran loves more that his or her freedom. They’re always up for trying new things and love going on adventures. It’s because of their easy-going personality and charisma that most people love them. Their style, field of work and personal life are very creative. And when it comes to work, they are very diligent and always strive to reach higher. They’re also very balanced and able to understand different perspectives, and thus make for excellent judges and mediators.

Lucky Colour: Pastels

8. Scorpio – The Scorpion


Never ever get into a Scorpio’s bad books, because if you do, that might just be the end of you! As a whole, they are very loving and emotional people. They get deeply involved in the littlest of things, but they know how to handle those situations with grace. They are highly ambitious and tenacious about everything they do. When it comes to loved ones, they are extremely protective about them – so protective that at they even wouldn’t mind taking the bullet for you!

Lucky Colour: Orange, Red and Yellow

9. Sagittarius – The Archer

saggiA Sagittarius can never be chained to one place. They are always caught up in some adventure or the other. Extremely fun and friendly, they are often considered to be the heart of the party. But if you’re looking to have a fling, the Sagittarian may not be the right kind of person to do it with because they’re looking for a relationship that’s long-term.

Lucky Colour: Dark Red

10. Capricorn – The Goat


Headstrong, stubborn, ambitious and disciplined – these are the qualities that describe a true Capricorn. They often hide their emotions well, and only open up to a handful of trusted people. They are decision makers, and have a knack of sticking to what they decide. It’s their ambition and determination that pushes them into achieving more and more.

Lucky Colour: Black/Brown

11. Aquarius – The Water Bearer


Aquarians are shrewd, spiritual and affectionate towards the ones they love. They are natural communicators and mix with anyone and everyone. They also have the gift of oratory, and they know exactly how to use it for their benefit. They make for good friends and loyal partners.

Lucky Colour: Turquoise

12. Pisces – The Fish


Pisceans are secretive, trustworthy and lovable. Sometimes, it takes years to get to know a Piscean. They’re not one of the friendliest star signs on the planet, but if they approve of you, you’ve found either your most devoted friend or your soul mate.

Lucky Colour: Sea-Green

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