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Sex And Your Sun Sign: What Are YOU Like In The Bedroom?!

Sex And Your Sun Sign: What Are YOU Like In The Bedroom?!

Whether someone is currently between our sheets or not, the curiosity of knowing how we are when in the bedroom is enough to turn to the stars for an answer! Of course, we all bring something a little different to the table when it comes to the sensuous act itself… Are you a coy Capricorn or a sultry Scorpio? Read on and find out!


Aries women have a powerful and magnetic personality and love to take control. No other sign of the zodiac can provide such fiery bursts of passion. This is entirely dependent on your mood, though, Aries. While you do love unpredictability and are happy to bring spontaneity to the bedroom, your lover never quite knows what will happen from night to night – and this could be very exciting!

bedroom personality

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Taurean women are among the more gentle lovers in the zodiac and have a tender touch. Your lover can expect sensuous and intimate nights ahead of them as you will make sure that the experience is more than physical. Setting the scene and getting your partner in the mood is your forte and a romantic encounter is what will follow. Your lover should be in no rush to escape the sheets as you will expect for them to be there all night long!  

taurus bedroom


Gemini women enjoy the act of seducing and talking about getting to the bedroom as much as they enjoy the act of getting down and dirty! The love for spontaneity and spark are high on the mind of Geminis, and you’ll often find that your so-called “bedroom” personality makes itself well known far before the bedroom is even in sight!  gemini bedroom


Love and sex often go together for the Cancerian. You will evoke the sensual and intimate side of your partner within moments of being in the bedroom. This isn’t to say that you don’t have a wild side – you do! But, you like to be comfortable with the person first before exploring this wild side! You tend to enjoy sex more when it is in a committed relationship, and are often willing to wait to light the fireworks until this is the case!cancer bedroom


Ever the lioness, Leos are constantly burning with a fiery passion! You are sexually confident and powerful and enjoy taking charge in bed. There is a need to explore sexual pleasures with dramatic and large-scale flair. You enjoy showering your mate with constant attention and little surprises thrown their way, reminding them that your attention and powers of seduction are reserved only for them!

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While you may have one of the most cool and calm personalities of the zodiac, you turn into red- hot fire when it comes to the bedroom! Your enormously sensual appeals unravels from the moment any prospective mate sets eyes on you – this is because Virgos like to seduce with their eyes! Your seductive personality is only outmatched by your adoring one as Virgos tend to enjoy the sensuous side of things as well.  virgo bedroom


Libras like sex to be an adventure. The feeling of getting caught or doing it somewhere new excites you more than you may realize. This is because your sign is also big on the romance of things, so it may even take you by surprise how much you enjoy engaging in fantasy play! This winning combination means that your lover will never, ever go unsatisfied – so long as they are willing to fulfil your fantasies as well!

libra bedroom


You can count yourself amongst the renowned seducers of the zodiac! While your raw, magnetic, irresistible personality is usually enough to turn people on, you also tend to go out of your way to be a fantastic lover. Your partner can expect a lot of dirty talk and foreplay before the bedroom even comes in to play, as Scorpios enjoy the build-up. And once you’re in bed, it’s a no-holds-barred celebration of passion!

scorpio bedroom


You’re very creative as a lover as you don’t like the thought of doing the same thing over and over again! Exceptionally young-at-heart, you’re always open to trying something new and pushing boundaries, so experimenting is your go-to bedroom style! You’re also very easygoing and laidback when it comes to your seduction style and enjoy the intensity of subtle gestures!

sagittarius bedroom


The gradual-build up that you conjure once one is in between your sheets is enough to drive your partner mad! Your somewhat otherwise-controlling nature makes its way into the bedroom too – and works wonders. Your usually restrained nature breaks down behind closed doors and you are happy to engage in acts of experimentation, as well as communicate random desires and requests for your partner to fulfil!

capricorn bedroom


You are ever so passionate, and there can always be something new to be expected of you when it comes to your bedroom activities! Aquarians are the masters of sexual twists and turns. Sex is as much an intellectual experience as a physical one for you, and so you turn the bedroom into a place where you and your partner can connect mind, body and soul. Your partner can be certain that they will learn something new!

aquarius bedroom


Pisces women have an enormous desire to please when it comes to being in the bedroom! This is because your partner’s pleasure is what gets you going more than any act of seduction! When doing any intimate deed, you consider it to be an act of romance. You are known for indulging in fantasies and allowing for both your own and his dreams to come true!

pisces bedroom

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05 May 2016

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