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We Looked Up The Most Bizzare Costumes In Bollywood Movies & All I Got Is ‘Whyyy’!

We Looked Up The Most Bizzare Costumes In Bollywood Movies & All I Got Is ‘Whyyy’!

Fashion and films go hand in hand and sometimes, so do the most whacky, bizarre outfits you will ever see. Enter Bollywood and you will find a number of ‘why did they wear it’ outfits waiting. Goes without saying that these stars slay it when comes to fashion choices IRL and the people we are holding responsible is the costume department+ whoever gave these a go-ahead. 


Bizarre Outfits In Bollywood Films

If you are ready then you may scroll at your own risk. 

Rani Mukerji in Bunty Aur Babli


Okay, so she is a bold, feisty girl with dreams in her eyes. We get it. But why on earth would you dress her up in…that? Rani Mukerji’s collar suit, in yellow and pink no less, was already a tad OTT. So why would anyone add those cotton candy pants to the look! Not to forget the bag which does nothing to help. The 2005 movie left a fad in the market, the Bunty Babli suit and truth be told, I am still in shock. Now that a sequel is in the works, here’s hoping the costume department of Bunty Aur Babli 2 doesn’t do this to us.

Priyanka Chopra In Drona


She is trying for some killer assassin vibe (or at least the stylist/designer/everyone involved is) and I am with it but why, just why that outfit! There is a gown sort of situation, then come the boots which need yellow string-like things to hold them together. And what purpose do those leather-thing armbands(?) serve? For the most part, Priyanka Chopra is either given this drapey, confusing look to carry or she is clad in a brocade sherwani and either way, the question is WHY! Don’t even talk about the turban, just don’t.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Robot


Messing up a futuristic look is like second nature to Bollywood and the Aishwarya Rai starrer blockbuster Robot is proof. Without getting into the background and plot for the sci-fi film, let’s just look at where the costume department just went all out. The makers were probably going for ‘cutting-edge’ with this look but all I see is an ill-fitted corset doused in silver and shiny pants. Also, belts and jewellery which are probably the result of an arts and crafts DIY competition. 

Deepika Padukone in Dum Maaro Dum


She did one song in the movie so you are probably wondering what on earth could possibly go wrong, right? Well for starters, the costume team thought it would be good to add some silver foil in the skirt and then slash right through it. Add to that some inconclusive tattoos and you have a hippie, not. I am still wondering what they were really going for but can we get a definite yes on not ripping through skirts for the desired look? Thank you.

Kangana Ranaut In Krrish 3


Join the club if you have lost count of the number of movies in the Krrish franchise but that bit aside, what is with the costumes? As per the norm, the futuristic setting of the film completely went haywire with Kangana Ranaut’s styling. A super-shiny bodysuit with a harness? Who decided that hairstyle? Why would you put so many filters to make her face unrecognisable? Too many questions but I am sure makers don’t have the answers.

Karisma Kapoor In Khuddar


To be fair, the 90s are not the decade to look back for the best fashion moments, and the same holds true for Bollywood films. This truly bizarre costume for Karisma Kapoor in Khuddar is all that you need to see and then unsee. Whatever the plot of the movie was about, I am certain it didn’t demand a crossover between a wedding goer and a disco enthusiast who couldn’t find their LBD. 

Vidya Balan in Kismat Konnection


I had forgotten all about this movie but since Kismat Konnection has found its way back in my mind, it’s only fair to share. I understand that the makers were going for (I don’t know what they were going for, TBH) may be a cool vibe or a girl next door look. But dressing someone up in two shirts, a skirt, cropped leggings and what looks like a waistcoat should be illegal. ‘Why would they do that’ is a question you can now ask. 

You are saying there are more movies? Okay, I am outta here. 

Featured Image: Instagram

13 Jul 2020

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