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Soft As A Baby’s Butt: Cupuaçu Butter Should Be On Your Shelf For Silky, Smooth Skin

Soft As A Baby’s Butt: Cupuaçu Butter Should Be On Your Shelf For Silky, Smooth Skin

Keeping aside the importance of SPF, moisturizing ourselves from H2T is the key to healthy and good looking skin at all times. It not only quenches our skin’s thirst but also traps water inside the skin, sealing the deal for good. That is why it’s important to keep replenishing the skin by drinking as much water as possible and moisturising regularly.

Talking facts, our skin is the largest organ of our body and, much like other organs, needs its daily dose of nutrition. Body lotions, body oils, body butters – there are many ways to achieve that for soft, supple, and hydrated skin. Personally, I cannot get enough of the whipped cream-like consistency of body butters and their fragrance. Oh, the fragrance! And if you too have a soft spot for them, let me introduce you to cupuaçu butter, your skin’s new BFF.

What Is Cupuaçu Butter?

Cupuaçu (pronounced Kuh-pwah-soo) is a superfruit that grows in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Oil is extracted from their seeds to create a thick but silky butter that can be used on the body as well as hair. Its pulp is also used to make juices, ice creams, and jams.

The cupuaçu butter’s emollient properties cannot be denied. Maintaining our skin’s moisture levels, the oleic acid (a fatty acid) found in cupuaçu helps provide all-natural hydration to our body. It also helps restore our skin’s elasticity, treats dry spots, reduces itching, and soothes sunburns. Cupuaçu has a high capacity to hold water (think four times compared to any other body care products) which helps our skin fight premature ageing, prevent wrinkles, and restore flexibility. Not just our skin, our hair too love the tender loving of cupuaçu.

Cannot wait to slather the awesomeness of cupuaçu all over yourself? Keep on reading for why you should reach for this superstar ingredient for skin and hair.

For Skin

Due to its low melting temperature, cupuaçu gets absorbed into our skin easily. Cupuaçu butter is also being recognized for its antioxidant properties that offer more hydration than shea butter! Apart from providing hydration on repeat, it effortlessly tackles some of the common skin issues we all face such as itching, moisture loss, sunburns, and ageing.

For Hair

Monsoon is our hair’s biggest foe–they suddenly forget how to behave properly in public. And frizz like you just got electrocuted (remember Monica’s “it’s the humidity” hair in F.R.I.E.N.D.S?) as soon as you step out of the shower. But don’t you worry ‘coz cupuaçu butter is here to help. One of the major benefits of cupuaçu butter is that it helps keep our hair smooth, frizz-free, and even helps treat dry scalp owing to its highly hydrating properties. You can either mix some cupuaçu butter with your regular oil and apply it on the scalp or use hair products with cupuaçu in them for a healthy and nourished mane.

So, ready to hydrate on repeat?

Featured Image: Instagram/Picterio

25 Jun 2020

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