A Swedish Spa Massage Is Exactly What You Need To Feel Relaxed & Rejuvenated

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Feb 22, 2021
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Vising a spa center is always a fab idea! Whether it is to relax sore muscles or just unwind after a long day, a spa visit can help you in many ways. While a regular spa works well, if you really want to relax and have your entire body loosened via tapping bending, and even stretching, then you have to try a Swedish massage today!

In the spa-ctacular world of massages and therapies, Swedish spa holds great importance. It is a whole-body massage that involves using many techniques that relax the muscles, relieve you of joint pain, improve blood flow, and what not! And if you are still not convinced why you should give this popular technique a try today, then keep on reading.

What Is Swedish Spa Massage?

Swedish massaging techniques have been around for centuries. It is a general term that’s applied to all the techniques used to relax muscles and rubbing your body in the same direction as the blood flowing towards your heart.

Sounds intriguing, no? Let’s know more about all these said techniques.

Swedish Massage Techniques

A Swedish massage helps you relax like never before and here are all the steps…

Effleurage: This is the first step where gently stroking is done on your body with the help of palms, thumbs, or even fingertips.

Petrissage: The next steps to do petrissage involve kneading movements with the help of hands, thumbs, or fingers.

Friction: Once done, the masseuse or the therapist starts doing circular pressures with the palms of their hands, thumbs, and/or fingers’ friction.

Vibration: Another fab step in Swedish Spa is vibrations which involves oscillatory movements that vibrate the entire body.

Hacking: Hacking are the light slaps or karate-style chops that is done on your entire body to help those muscles relax.

These full-body sessions usually can last up to an hour but you can always request some more time if required.

What To Expect From Your Appointment

Just like every spa treatment, your masseuse or therapist will give you time to undress and request you to lie down on the massage table. The table is usually padded so that you feel super comfortable and no, no body part is exposed. If you are feeling uncomfortable in any way, you can always let them know.

The therapist will also ask you to choose various essentials oils and lotions before starting the treatment. If you do have allergies, let them know in advance. Once it’s done, your massage has started.

Your entire body is massaged from head to toe, leaving no muscles ‘in pain’. With a series of kneading, and circular storkes, the treatment will help you in many ways. 

Some therapists also play music so that your mind is at ease. But if you do not like it, do not hesitate to ask them to change or not play anything at all. The entire idea is for you to feel comfortable and extremely relaxed.

Yes, you might get a chatty therapist, but it’s up to you if you wish to continue the conversation or just lie down with your eyes closed while getting the best massage of your dreams.

Benefits Of A Swedish Massage

By now, we bet you’re ‘aching’ to book one session for you and the closest of your girl pals! And why not as it is really great for…

– Loosening tight muscles and relieving you from muscle pains

– Helps you loosen muscle knots

– Makes your skin glow

– Makes you feel good from the inside out

– Increases blood flow

– Releases toxins and harmful deposits such as lactic acid and uric acid from your muscles

– It is super relaxing as it directly affects the glands, nerves, muscles and our general well-being

– It also helps release stress- both emotional and physical

Just lay your full trust in your masseuse as they know what they’re doing. But make sure that you’re vocal about if the pressure is alright or if you’re in pain. After all, you’re there to feel good and not come out in more pain.

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