THIS Is What It’s Like To Grow Up Punjabi (You Know It’s True!)

Simar RanaSimar Rana  |  May 5, 2016
THIS Is What It’s Like To Grow Up Punjabi (You Know It’s True!)


Growing up in a Punjabi family is an experience of its own kind! We have our fair share of melodrama, emotions and food!! But we also grow up knowing that we have the most large hearted and loving families! Here are a few things you will totally relate to if you grew up in a Punjabi family!

1. No matter which corner of the world you decide to go on a family holiday for, you always, ALWAYS have relatives there.

“Pinki masi’s husband’s brother’s wife’s uncle lives there, na. We have to stay with them!”

growing up punjabi 1

2. You have at least one relative called Honey, Pinky, Tiny, Tony, Sunny, Bunny. Come on!

And they’re all in one way or another related to each other too. Mom’s side, dad’s side, doesn’t matter!

3. You understand from a very early age that adding a little “mirch masala” to a story never hurt anyone.

The gift of exaggeration has been bestowed upon you very generously. “I was stuck in a jam for 4 hours, you know!” Saying it was only half an hour just doesn’t have the same effect!

4. You were always one of the chubbiest kids in class growing up! Aww *Pulls cheeks*

Arre, you are from a khaata peeta khaandaan.

growing up punjabi  4

5. And even now, if you’re not at least 5 kgs above your desired weight, your grandparents insist that you’re looking “Sookhi hui aur kamzor”!

As long as they don’t say that you’re looking “healthy”, it’s all good! Because, well, you know what “healthy” means.

6. Emotions run high. Very high! Get geared to wear your heart on your sleeve, child.  

A little emotional blackmail, some guilt tripping and tears (both of joy and sorrow) are all part and parcel of a good, healthy Punjabi family.

7. Everyone NEEDS to know everything about each other, and news travels faster than a Concorde.

There is a no-secrets policy. Means that your aunt who lives in Spain and hasn’t met you in years knows about the guy your sister started dating last week. What? News travels!

growing up punjabi 7

8. Tikka is god’s gift to mankind.

Chicken tikka, paneer tikka, whatever. As long as it’s tikka!  

9. But… chicken does deserve its own special place at the table.

God forbid you think of telling your family you’re vegetarian..

10. And no meal EVER is complete without dessert.

Because even if you’re stuffed, dessert has a completely different compartment in your tummy!

growing up punjabi 10

11. You absolutely love kadha parshaad!

It’s the actual reason you sat through that paath with your grandmom.

12. You know better than to think that any celebration can EVER be complete without a Patiala peg!

Or until someone decides to pass out. 😛

13. You know how to partyyyy!

Thanks to all those family get-togethers you were privy to. Thank you older cousins! 😀

14. It’s hard to tell the difference between family and friends!

Your family loves your friends and your friends love your family all in equal measure.

growing up punjabi 14

15. You have the most loving and large-hearted family ever!

It may be overwhelming sometimes to have a family who is truly Punjabi, but you know you could never receive as much love and support anywhere else.

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