12 Things Your Elder Sister Wants To Tell You Before Her Vidai

Neha GuptaNeha Gupta  |  May 5, 2016
12 Things Your Elder Sister Wants To Tell You Before Her Vidai


Between the crazy wedding shopping, dance rehearsals and beauty prep, you have these little moments that scare you about the big change you’re going to make soon. And in these moments you want to tell your siblings so much that you never said before. Here are 12 things every bride-to-be wants to tell her younger siblings before marriage day.

1. Yes, I am going to be a wife and a daughter-in-law, but I’ll always be your sister first!

Let no one tell you otherwise. Even if those chachis and mamis ask you to not trouble me every time with your little problems, you should know better than to listen to them. Just call me, okay?

2. You can live in my room but I want it to be just the way I left it, every time I return.

’Cause married or not, it will ALWAYS be my room!

2 younger siblings before marriage

3. Make a genuine effort to get to know my husband – it would mean the world to me.

I promise he’ll make an equal effort to become one of us too.

4. You’re the older kid at home now – you’ve got to look after mom and dad!

I know you’ll do a fantastic job at handling everything on your own. But mom & dad are going to miss me much more than they’ll tell you – so just make up for my absence and double your daily dose of love to them?

4 younger siblings before marriage

5. I would hate to be treated like a guest in my own home, by my own people just because I am married.

I am not saying no to being pampered. Go ahead and get me food and gifts and all things nice, but please do not get into the formalities of tradition. I am still gonna be me, after I get married guys, and I’ll feel terrible if you start treating me as anything else.

6. It’s the thought of not having you just a room away that scares me the most.

We’ve grown up together and I am just so used to you being around me, all the time, that I can’t even imagine a life where we aren’t living together. I really do think I am gonna miss you the most.

6 younger siblings before marriage

7. I still call dibs on the TV remote and my fave place on the couch

You can enjoy these privileges when I am not visiting 😛

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8. BTW, I also get elevated to an authority figure now and I can totally mediate with mom and dad for your ‘grievances’

See, my getting married comes with many perks for you too. But seriously, my approval can give you many more permissions!

8 younger siblings before marriage

9. I am gonna cry a lot – more so if I see you guys cry during any functions!

Just bear with my crazy mood swings, too many major changes happening in my life right now. Oh, and every time you see me getting emotional, crack a joke or two. I would hate to have teary-eyed pictures.

10. I will still count on you to give me honest opinions on everything

Whether it’s about my wedding lehenga, or maybe even my sister-in-law. We’re the mirror to each other’s actions and my marriage, most definitely, does not change that.

10 younger siblings before marriage

11. If I ever hurt you after I get married, please tell me!

Because you know, I won’t be around to figure it out from your foul mood. You will have to tell it to me, and trust me that I would never intentionally cause you any pain.

12. I will always be there for you!

And promise to love you just as much after I am married as I did before. Never doubt that!

12 younger siblings before marriage

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