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What Do Your Sunglasses Say About Your Personality?

A stunning pair of shades can amplify your look instantly!  And, believe it or not, but your choice of sunglasses (lens colour and frame) is a window to your personality. So, ladies, be assured that your favourite pair does stand for who you are! So we give you a little heads-up on what your sunglasses say about you.

1. Stylish Cat Eye Sunglasses

sunglassesYou’re a fashionista at heart. You love all things trendy and chic. You splurge on quality and on things that best describe your personality. You prefer elegant styling with a hint of sporty. Putting these babies on gives you the confidence to conquer the world. You have an eye for fashion and you make it a point to look glam at all times.

2. Sporty Clubmasters

sunglassesAdventure and meeting new people from all walks of life thrills you. You’re comfortable in your own skin, and won’t change for anyone. You’re not the friendliest person on this planet, but the ones you’re fond of, you’ll give your life for them. Creativity is in your blood, and you make the best use of it in your career.

3. Groovy Wayfarers


People find you fun, easy-going, smart and confident. You appreciate art, music and culture. You’re always brewing with energy and are up for trying things outside your comfort zone. At times, you tend to get emotional and sensitive, but you never show it, you tend to bottle it up. You detest people who are negative and crib about anything and everything.

4. Sophisticated Aviators

sunglassesEverything you own is classic and vintage. You have a warm heart and you’re always willing to offer help when needed. You can sometimes project an air of aloofness and dislike making small talk. When it comes to friends, you’d rather stick to your old bunch instead of making newer ones. Change is not something you embrace with open arms, but it’s something you slowly need to cope with.

5. Fancy Butterfly Shades

sunglassesYou’re indeed a social butterfly! You love being the life of the party and basking in the limelight. You are Ms Popular, and people automatically gravitate towards you. But with a lot of lovers comes an equal number of haters – don’t worry, they’re just “J”! Your intentions are good, and that’s exactly what’s responsible for getting you places.

6. John Lennon Inspired Sunglasses

sunglassesWhen it comes to sticking to a trend, you’re very choosy. You are inspired by old and retro fashion, and you’re too caught up in your own world to interfere in someone else’s. When it comes to love, you’re a romantic and a keeper. You have your own perceptions about fashion and a unique style which sets you apart from the rest!

7. Funky Geometric Sunglasses


You love to experiment with fashion. You want to have your own identity and love grabbing eyeballs. You’re slightly introverted by nature, but you make it up by showering attention on the ones you approve of. You are fascinated by art, design and colour. You’re blessed with beauty and brains.

8. Retro Sunglasses

sunglassesClassics are something you can’t part ways with that easily. You often cling to the past, and find it difficult to move on. You are inspired by old music, art and design. You have a big heart and people look up to you. Actually, the first person they get into touch with when they’re stuck in a bad situation is you. (You should feel blessed 🙂 )

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06 May 2016

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