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How To Style Treggings, Where To Buy Them And Why They’re Oh-So-Awesome!

How To Style Treggings, Where To Buy Them And Why They’re Oh-So-Awesome!

Over the last 10 years, the ‘anti-pants’ movement has spread to every corner of the world. Just to clarify, ‘pants’ here includes all sorts of rigid two-legged garments that feel like a task getting into, being in, and getting out of. As if adulting is not enough of a struggle already. You must admit that when it comes to jeans and trousers, curating an outfit is not the easiest thing. With miles and miles of textures, colors, prints, and patterns, it can get tough to choose and coordinate. That too, every day, especially when you’re a working woman. And so, the leggings were born.

We don’t think you need an introduction to this fashion term but we’ll give one anyway because why not? Leggings are pants that are super stretchy all over, feature an elastic waistband, and are a featherweight. A pair of leggings is made from spandex-blend fabrics and are snug around your legs (hence, the name) – they’re basically pants’ much nicer cousins. However, there are cons to making a pair of leggings one of your wardrobe staples. First things first, leggings are NOT pants. Since they’re so snug, it would be a bad idea to wear short tops and t-shirts with them. They also fall under athleisure and have a casual vibe, so wearing leggings to work, a date or other formal occasions isn’t the best idea. Another issue with substituting leggings for pants is that they don’t go with silhouettes that aren’t oversized. A pair of leggings takes the shape of your legs, so tight and fitted pieces don’t really go with them. Good for us, there’s a solution to these hustles that don’t involve giving up the comfort and convenience that come with leggings.

Meaning  Of Treggings
Treggings Vs Leggings Vs Jeggings
Styling Treggings
Places To Buy Treggings

Treggings… What Even Are They?

They’re basically a genius cross between trousers and leggings. ICYMI, treggings have taken over leggings and have become immensely popular amongst working women all over the world. The credit also goes to big high-street brands such as Zara and H&M for coming out with treggings in multiple colours and prints. If you’re thinking treggings are just a pair of really tight trousers, you’re way off. Treggings give the look of trousers or pants but the fit of leggings. They’re comfortable, stylish, and not necessarily as form-fitting as you’d think. In fact, they’re more trousers than leggings with one or more of these features: elasticated waistbands, zipper closure, buttons, belt loops, mock pockets, and so on. All of these support our belief that treggings win over leggings, every single time.

Treggings Vs Leggings Or Jeggings

However, if you do need more material to be convinced, here are all the reasons why treggings is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

  1. Unlike leggings, treggings is sleek yet structured, making them ideal for all kinds of occasions and events.
  2. Treggings are more versatile than jeggings or leggings. While jeggings and leggings are casual, treggings can be styled to look casual as well as formal.
  3. The fact that they’re thicker and more structured than leggings is enough to know that everyone can feel comfy in treggings – no matter what their body type or shape.
  4. Treggings, as opposed to leggings, are snag-free and won’t rip the first chance they get.
  5. Also, leggings should NEVER be worn as pants (read ‘camel toe’). Treggings, however, are thicker and therefore, not as snug. So, you can wear them with short tees, tops, and cropped jackets as you like.
  6. While jeggings can make one’s personal style seem kiddish, treggings with quirky prints and patterns will always add a fresh, youthful vibe to your look instead.
  7. Leggings are made of flimsy hosiery fabric and when stretched, are transparent. You won’t have to face that embarrassment with treggings as they’re thicker and made of better quality fabric.
  8. Treggings are easier to style than leggings. You can wear them high-waist and accessorize with cool belts (belt loops FTW) for starters.
  9. Mommies-to-be, you haven’t restricted to plain old super-stretchy leggings anymore. Add some sophistication to all your outfits with a wide range of treggings available in the market.
  10. Pockets! As you know, leggings do NOT have pockets. Bummer, huh? Not if you go for treggings. Most treggings has pockets at the back, if not the front but if you look for ‘em you’ll find ones with both.
  11. Working an AM to PM look with treggings is a piece of cake as they’re versatile and easy to style. Doing so with a pair of jeggings or leggings is not the same, is it?

How To Wear Treggings

Now that you’re all caught up with how treggings is a better wardrobe item to invest in than leggings, we’re sure you’re wondering how to style them. Even though they’re similar to leggings, a pair of treggings can be styled in many more ways than its flimsier counterpart. Plus, there couldn’t be a better time to stock up on treggings. With the onset of winters, your styling options, when it comes to treggings, have gone up. Yay!

One Pair: 7 Ways

To help you figure this out, we picked out a pair of treggings and are going to style it in 7 ways. The treggings we picked out are:


POPxo recommends: Shiny Snakeskin Print Leggings (Rs 2,590) by Zara

These navy blue snakeskin-print treggings are everything you need this winter. Not only are they sophisticated and stylish, but they’re also super versatile. As you can see, they’re not extremely snug, and they have belt-loops and zip detail at the hem.

So, here are seven ways you can style this treggings:

With A Shirt And Sweater


Styling your treggings for a casual Friday at work or just a mellow lunch is easy as pie. Pair your wardrobe basics with treggings and your favourite accessories for a supremely chic outfit. Whether it’s a striped shirt or a simple blouse, your treggings will go with them nicely. Layer your outfit with an oversized knit sweater or cardigan and add classic brogues or loafers. Accessorise with a layered necklace, hoops, and a crossbody satchel bag. You could also throw in a scarf to brave the cold weather.

POPxo recommends: Vertical Striped Hidden Button Shirt (Rs 1,230) and Drop Shoulder Waffle Knit Sweater (Rs 1,447) by Shein

With A Dress


With the dress-on-pants trend taking the world by storm, there’s no better chance to try it. The dress-on-pants look can be turned around to suit any occasion or event. If you want to go casual, pick a casual printed dress with a relaxed silhouette and colours that match your treggings. Style the outfit with a layered necklace, stacked bracelets, and ankle booties. For a more formal outing, you can club a chic cami dress and blazer with your treggings. Add statement earrings, an evening clutch, and heeled pumps and you’re gold.

POPxo recommends: Plaid Ruched Dress (Rs 1,088) by Romwe

With A Cropped Tee And Jacket


One of our favourite ways to style our treggings is the ultimate street-chic combination. If you’re heading out for lunch, dinner, drinks or just a movie, even, this outfit will get you compliments, trust us. When putting together this look, keep in mind that you can pick any combination of colours and textures that go with your treggings. We’ve chosen black and white ‘cause monochrome always works. Pair a cropped white tee, plain or with minimalistic print, and layer it with a sophisticated, structured jacket (we love biker jackets). Tuck your treggings into chunky buckled boots, add a compact shoulder bag and… voilà!

POPxo recommends: RIP Feelings Graphic Tee (Rs 759) and Studded Faux Suede Moto Jacket (Rs 2,799) by Forever 21

With A Shirt & Blazer


This is the ‘boss woman’ way to style treggings. Whether you’re prepping for a board meeting or gearing up for a big pitch, exude confidence at the office thanks to your stylish AND comfortable pair of treggings. All you need to pull off this look is your formals – from shirts to blazers or overcoats – and chic shoes and accessories. A foolproof combination would be to style your treggings with a neutral-colored button-up shirt and a matching blazer. Accessorise with a satchel bag, printed scarf, and stylish pumps to finish. Isn’t it great how they go from bar to boardroom so easily?

POPxo recommends: Fringed Blouse (Rs 2,490) and Basic Blazer (Rs 2,590) by Zara

With A Sequin Top And Faux Fur Jacket


Just in case you were wondering… yes, you can style your treggings for a night out at the club too. There’s nowhere you cannot wear them! To pull off the ‘dancing queen’ look, just think of the most sparkly item in your closet. I’m talking about reflective fabrics, sequins, metallic threadwork et al. For wintertime, club the outfit with textured outerwear such as teddy coats or faux fur jackets, which will add just that extra serving of *glam* every going-out ensemble needs. Here we’ve paired a halter neck sequin black cropped top with the treggings, layered with a longline faux-fur coat, also black. Throw a pair of hoops and sky-high heels into the mix and you’re good to go, ladies.

POPxo recommends: Sequinned Top (Rs 2,299) and Faux Fur Jacket (Rs 5,999) by H&M

With A Sweatshirt And Trainers


When it comes to styling treggings, athleisure is also an option worth trying – especially if you want to add a youthful and fun vibe to your look. Count on your sweatshirts, windcheaters, trainers, and backpacks to elevate your sporty style, all day every day. An easy hack to acing your athleisure look with treggings is to wear a fun sweatshirt and a pair of cool and trendy trainers with them. Throw on a casual backpack or crossbody bag and accessorise with oversized hoops and a hat to complete the outfit.

POPxo recommends: Women Grey Melange Applique Sweatshirt  (Rs 1,495) by Mango, Women Peach Coloured Sneakers (Rs 2,790) by Dorothy Perkins

Where To Buy Treggings Online

Now that you know over 5 different ways to style your treggings, let’s get you a pair! It isn’t as easy as it sounds if you don’t know where to look. Lucky for you, we have the info on which brands to check out if your tregging collection needs a stylish new pair. From textured treggings to plaid pairs, you can find plenty of cool options under your budget, and that too, online. Here are our top 10 brands that’ll fulfill your tregging needs:

Marks & Spencer


POPxo recommends: Treggings (Rs 2,519) by Marks & Spencer



POPxo recommends: Checks Print Leggings (Rs 2,590) by Mango

Dorothy Perkins


POPxo recommends: Maroon Solid Slim Fit Chinos (Rs 2,390) by Dorothy Perkins



POPxo recommends: Checked Leggings With Zip (Rs 1,790) by Zara

Forever 21


POPxo recommends: High Rise Glen Plaid Pants (Rs 1,259) by Forever 21



POPxo recommends: Treggings (Rs 799) by H&M



POPxo recommends: Scalloped Skinny Pants (Rs 1,147) by Shein

Project Eve


POPxo recommends: Flat Front Cropped Leggings (Rs 1,439) by Project Eve

Forever New


POPxo recommends: Women Black Straight Fit Solid Regular Trousers (Rs 2,304) by Forever New



POPxo recommends: Mid-rise Ankle-length Treggings (Rs 1,047)

Ladies since you’re all caught up on the best ways to style your treggings, and where you can find them too, it’s time to get on it. Happy shopping!

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05 May 2016

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