Tinted Moisturisers Are The Summer-Essentials That You Need In Your Beauty Regimen RN!

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  May 10, 2021
Tinted Moisturisers Are The Summer-Essentials That You Need In Your Beauty Regimen RN!


Makeup lovers, you may know that skincare is taking over the beauty world at a super-fast speed. So much so that even makeup now boasts of skincare benefits. Yup, hybrid makeup products are everywhere RN. From serum foundations to BB creams, we’re loving this new wave of makeup essentials that are loaded with skincare benefits. If you are looking for a lightweight makeup product that also hydrates the skin, then you need to try a tinted moisturiser right away.

Continue reading as we’re giving you ample reasons why tinted moisturisers are summer must-haves!

What Are Tinted Moisturisers?

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As the name suggests, tinted moisturisers are a type of makeup product that adds a slight tint to your complexion while boosting hydration. On the days you are not in a mood to apply your ‘heavy’ foundation, a tinted moisturiser can be your best bet.

Hybrid makeup products are not new but slowly catching on as people are realising the importance of taking care of their skin and not covering it up by using a high-coverage foundation. Luckily, a tinted moisturiser fits the bill perfectly.

How To Use A Tinted Moisturiser?

Just like you use your other base-ic makeup products!

After doing your skincare, take some of that tinted moisturiser and apply it to your face and neck. You can either use a makeup sponge/brush or apply it using your fingers. Upon application, you’ll notice your skin looking naturally pretty, luminous and dewy; the real-life filter you never knew you needed!

Mistakes To Avoid While Picking A Tinted Moisturiser

By now, we bet you’re already thinking about adding a few to your cart but not before keeping these pointers in mind;

– It cannot replace your moisturiser: As amazing as using a tinted moisturiser sounds, it cannot replace your daily moisturiser or your sunscreen, even if it boasts of SPF. Make sure you do apply your daily dose of sunscreen!

Not choosing the right shade: Just like your foundation, tinted moisturisers are also available in multiple shade ranges. It’s better if you do some research before buying one or even better, purchase it from a store to avoid any shade mishap.

Not washing your face before sleeping: Sure, it is keeping your face hydrated but remember, it also has makeup properties so do wash your face before taking your beauty sleep.

– Using it to cover blemishes: Unlike foundations or even CC creams for that matter, tinted moisturisers aren’t the best when it comes to covering blemishes. It’ll only add a slight tint to your skin. If you still want to cover your blemishes, apply a concealer next.

Best Tinted Moisturisers

Ready to add some tinted love to your makeup routine? Oh, we bet!

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