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Body Serums Are Actually A Thing Now & We’re Wondering Why

Body Serums Are Actually A Thing Now & We’re Wondering Why

Okay—I was a little surprised when I heard of body serums. I consider myself well-acquainted with the world of beauty, but I didn’t see this one coming. I admit it. Naturally, I did a little bit of my own investigation and realised that they aren’t synonymous with lotions. They’re….better. I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why Kim Kardashian applies dollops of serums on her body, and I’m determined to find out why.

Everything You Need To Know About Body Serums

What Is A Body Serum?

It’s a cocktail of highly-concentrated actives that address specific skin-related concerns like dryness, roughness, and dullness. These formulas are much like serums for the face. You slather it on, and it seeps into your skin seamlessly.


Wait…Are They Better Than Lotions?

These serums reign supreme over lotions in the way of their consistency. While lotions are thick, these are lightweight and non-greasy; you don’t feel a residual build-up of product sitting on the surface of your skin. And they don’t just moisturise—they do much more than your go-to cream, lotion, or ointment. Plus lotions don’t contain such high concentrations of actives, and their consistency prevents them from delivering as effectively as serums. Depending on the problem you’d like to have addressed, you can pick a serum enriched with ingredients that exfoliate, repair, soothe, tighten, hydrate, diminish signs of ageing and pigmentation, and more.

These serums can accommodate skin-loving antioxidants and water-soluble vitamins better than oil-based moisturisers too; a win for your skin! And if you’re looking for an exfoliator, you can find a serum enriched with chemical exfoliators like lactic acid. These exfoliators function better in serums than other products—they need lower pHs to deliver effectively, and serums have lower pHs in general. I’m sold.

How Do You Use One?

Just like you work their facial counterparts into your regimen. You don’t have to choose a serum over a lotion—or vice versa. You must protect the barrier of your skin, and lock in moisture with a thicker formula anyway. You can apply a body serum to dry skin and conclude with your moisturiser once the formula has sunk in. Choose a serum that suits you—a hyaluronic acid-infused one can repel dryness; a vitamin C-infused one can ward off free-radical damage, and a lactic acid-containing one can brighten.

The Best Body Serums Ever

And that’s the tea I have for you on body serums. Pretty surprising, no?

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05 May 2022

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