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Kareena Kapoor Reveals The One Thing That Annoys Her About Saif Ali Khan & It Has A Taimur Connection

Kareena Kapoor Reveals The One Thing That Annoys Her About Saif Ali Khan & It Has A Taimur Connection

Almost five years ago, social media went into a huge frenzy when Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan shared a glimpse of their firstborn Taimur Ali Khan. Ever since then, our nawab junior has enjoyed undivided attention from the paparazzi and has countless fan pages on the ‘Gram. NGL, even we can’t get enough of this adorable blue-eyed munchkin!

In a recent interview, Bebo spilled the beans about her and Saif’s parenting style. The actress revealed who is the stricter parent between the two and shared, “I am not very strict…I think I am quite relaxed and chill. I have to inculcate discipline a little more as Saif spoils Taimur so much that it annoys me sometimes. And during the lockdown, our schedules went haywire. So, Saif would want to watch a movie with Taimur at 10 pm and I would have to step in and say no because it is his bedtime.”

Credit: Instagram

Kareena added, “With two children (Taimur and baby Jeh), it has become a bit more difficult, but I have to be particular about things like meals and bedtime. With Saif being so relaxed, I have to be a little tougher as I feel children need to grow up with some sense of discipline.” 

We can totally picture Saif and Taimur having a late-night movie sesh on the couch. Sorry Bebo, but who can say no to Tim Tim?

It is hard to believe that little Taimur has already turned five. Earlier this month, on his b’day, Kareena treated her Instagram followers to an adorable throwback video of his first steps. Along with it, she wrote, “Your first steps your first fall… I recorded it with so much pride. This isn’t your first or last fall, my son, but I do know one thing for sure… you will always pick yourself up, take bigger strides, and march along head held high… ’cause you are my tiger…Happy Birthday my heartbeat… My Tim Tim no one like you mera beta

BRB, we are just gonna watch Taimur’s videos again for the millionth time! Just can’t get over how cute he is.

Feature Image Credit: Instagram

22 Dec 2021

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