One Year Of WFH: 5 Ways In Which Our Beauty Routines Changed Forever Cause Of The Pandemic

Drishti kapadiaDrishti kapadia  |  Mar 12, 2021
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Like it or not, spending the last year working from home has seriously changed our beauty routine. Whether it was applying DIY beauty masks or skipping makeup altogether, we all have changed the way we look at our vanity and the products on it. Some of these changes have come to us so naturally, you’ll probably read about them below and say, “Oh yaa!” in your head.   

Here Are 5 Ways In Which The Pandemic Changed Our Lives And Beauty Routines Forever…

Being More Mindful Of What You Own

In the initial months of the lockdown and working from home, having limited access to beauty products and online stores made us delve deep into our skincare, makeup, and haircare cabinets and use up all our preexisting products. Whether it was that cleanser you tossed aside in favour of a new one or using the moisturiser to its last drop, the past year made us really understand how to get the most out of everything we own. 

Bare Face = New Normal

Not that there is anything wrong in wearing makeup daily, but most of us gave up wearing a full face of makeup pretty early into the whole working from home situation. While I wasn’t one to wear a lot of makeup to work (blame it on the work-home commute), even wearing a smidge of cheek and lip tint felt like too much on most days. Being bare-faced felt good and I think my skin is a tad bit happier too! Zoom call makeup, who?!

Skincare Became The New Makeup

With more time and fewer places to go to, prioritising skincare came easy. With the whole I-never-have-time excuse being knocked out of our lives, most of us at least made an effort to take care of our skin, albeit briefly. From DIY masks to face massages and gua sha stones, streamlining and setting a fixed routine became a norm. For me, it brought a sense of routine and normalcy in a time where everything seemed up in the air and dicey.

Bodycare Took Priority Too

If you are someone who thinks of moisturising their body as more of a chore than a necessity, I feel you 100%. But constant sanitising of hands left mine dry as hell so of course, I had to rope in some peptide-enriched hand creams to bring them back to life aka hydration. This habit slowly spilled into me using the excess hand cream on my arms and before I knew it, I actually enjoyed moisturising my hands. Who would’ve thought?

Taking Beauty Matters Into Our Own Hands

I am more than happy to let professionals do my gel manicure but at some point, I did look up how to do a basic manicure at home, for the sake of my overgrown nails and cuticles. With my nails looking decent, the next thing to manage was the obvious brow hairs that needed to be taken care of. Now, I am all for grown-out brows but these little acts of grooming made me feel more grounded and balanced and at the end of the day, it’s all about what works for you!

What changes did you make to your work from home routine, beautywise? Tell us in the comments! 

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