Written In The Stars: We’ve Got The Perfect Eyeshadow For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Anandita MalhotraAnandita Malhotra  |  Aug 7, 2020
Written In The Stars: We’ve Got The Perfect Eyeshadow For You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Makeup for me can be the reason to step out of the house. I know if I’m going to be sulking in the corner with a drink in my hand or going to be raging till 6 am based on how my makeup has turned out. If I’ve aced the winged liner and have a bright red lip on–you know fun Anandita is coming out to play but for some reason, if I forgot to add the extra pop of highlighter before leaving the house–sulky Anandita is in action.

There are obviously a few shades that we’re drawn to, but did you know that it might be because of your zodiac sign? Yup, each sun sign is actually linked to a particular colour and even have a personality type. So, let us tell you the best eyeshadow colour for your zodiac



Aries are firey and enthusiastic, so bold red and orange tones work well. Scarlet eyeshadow with a brown lipstick is a great look for you. Red hot and how! 


You are patient, determined, and have a great affinity to nature. Earthy and natural colours grab your fancy and will look superb on you. We suggest shades of lush green and browns to pay a tribute to the wildness inside you.


Geminis are expressive and fun-loving people and what says ‘let’s have some fun’ more than champagne? We’ve got glitter and all things sparkly for you to shine bright like a diamond. So, let loose and dance the night away!


Silver tones suit Cancerians because of their sophisticated and elegant demeanor. You are ruled by the moon so we think a pearly silver eyeshadow look will go well as a tribute to that. So, wear it as it is or pack it on with a pressed pigment–the world is your oyster! 


Hey there lions, you have the royal sign who wants to make a statement and grab all the attention without making it look OTT. Well, a classic gold eyeshadow is perfect for you then. Use a burnt orange shade as a transition to get the entire regal look.


Virgos are practical and modest and shades of warm browns would go well with you guys. Tones of caramel and nude colours are great because of the nature-loving attitude you have and your extremely low-key vibe.


As a Libra, you’re all about balance. The scales rule your life and for that reason, a shimmer, iridescent pigment will work well for you. It’s flattering and understated and yet has that pop of glitter. Your flirty personality will outshine with this on. Use tones of pink and burgundy in the crease because yours is a sign ruled by Venus which is synonymous with beauty. 



Scorpios are seductive and romantic so channeling your inner rose gold goddess is a great idea. Warm hues and sparkle are the way to woo you. Because you adapt so easily to your surroundings this pinkish glitter eyeshadow is perfect.



Rich plums are the colour of these adventurous yet adaptable people. Darker tones of purple or softer mauve shades all work for you because they go well with your travel-loving nature. It’s bold and you’ve got it in you to totally rock it.


Gray’s a solid choice for ambitious, responsible Capricorns. A smokey eye with charcoal colours would be a great makeup look for you. Use cool purple tones and dark silver shades to amplify the look. 


Bold blues set a bright tone for friendly, inventive Aquarius. For you Aqua babes, it’s almost mandatory to profess your love for the waters through your eye makeup. So a cobalt shadow as a standalone one or with tiny specs of glitter can work well for you.

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