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OMG! What Even: Weird Beauty Hacks That’ll Make You Wonder Why Do Celebs Love These

OMG! What Even: Weird Beauty Hacks That’ll Make You Wonder Why Do Celebs Love These

What’s the weirdest beauty tip someone has given you? Or a beauty hack that you swear by, but would definitely raise some eyebrows if you talk about it out loud? Mine is using Fevicol on my nose to remove blackheads (what, Huda Kattan recommends it too so…).

Okay tell me this, what’s that one beauty treatment – the weirder the better – you would love to give a try? I wish to try this Bee Venom Facial that Kate Middleton swears by, which costs a mere sum (for her) of Rs 24,600 per session. If you’re imagining getting stung by bees in your face, DON’T. It’s actually like getting a natural botox or bee-tox, if you will. In this procedure, bee venom and honey are used to tighten your skin by tricking your body into believing it’s been stung. No kidding!

But the Duchess of Cambridge is not the only famous personality hooked to using weird beauty hacks that’ll either pique your interest or send cringe waves to every cell of your body. In today’s episode of ‘Celebs Are Definitely Not Like Us’, we’re talking about some of the weirdest beauty hacks that they cannot get enough of.

Weird Beauty Treatments Celebs Swear By: Hack Or Too Wack?

Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Ashley Graham


The stunning model is known for her #BodyPositivity messages and being one of the first curvy models to grace the covers of big fashion magazines. But it’s her weird (or genius?) beauty hack that’ll make you love her even more. In an Instagram live video, Ashley gave a glimpse of her beauty routine where she used a hair styling gel and a spoolie to tame her brows.

Kim Kardashian


Where there’s controversy, there are Kardashian! But today, we are focusing on this weird beauty hack that apparently Kim K swears by. She uses *drumroll, please* a haemorrhoid cream to reduce puffiness around her eyes. Say whaaaaaat? Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock, too, swears by this trick. Hey, if it works it works!

Lady Gaga


The Lady Gaga the world loves and the one I worshipped in high school are two different persons altogether. Her beauty hacks too, much like everything about her, are unconventional and not for the faint heart. Apparently, the singer uses tape on her skin’s taut and cheekbones to make it appear younger-looking and more chiselled. This technique is not something new as I bet you’ve seen Chinese beauty enthusiasts completely changing their face shape using a tape! No matter how cost-efficient it sounds, I would definitely not recommend you to put your face’s sensitive skin through all the pulling and tugging.

Blake Lively


When I look at Blake Lively, I see perfection from H2T. I mean, how is she not a real-life Disney princess?! And if you ever wanted luscious locks like her, you wouldn’t believe her secret ingredient – it’s mayonnaise! The Gossip Girl actress washes her hair with the thing you spread on your sandwich for a thick mane. Oh, well!

Suki Waterhouse


Unlike other hacks, this one really made me feel uncomfortable. Imagine bathing with Coca-Cola, how sticky it would be! And guess who actually loves to do this – Suki Waterhouse. Well, she doesn’t take a bath with the fizzy drink but uses it to wash her hair as it gives her the texture she requires. I can only imagine how messy it must get. P.S. I am okay with washing my hair with my usual boring shampoo, #ThankYouVeryMuch.

Gwyneth Paltrow


*Trigger warning* This one is gonna hurt.

Goop girl, Gwyneth Paltrow owes her stunning skin to bees! No, she doesn’t use honey to get it but actually gets stung by real bees (what the actual fuck!). She says that it’s called apitherapy and has been in use for thousands of years to get rid of inflammation and scarring of the skin and hurts like hell. No joke! Thank you, next!

Chloë Grace Moretz


We’ve all heard and read about oil-based cleansers and why our skin loves them but have you ever thought about using oil as an actual cleanser? Well, Chloë has and she does! The star uses olive oil as a face wash and claims that it has done wonders for her painful cystic acne. Well, we see no harm here. 

Margot Robbie


Nipples are really sensitive and so are our lips! And it seems Margot Robbie understands it well as she uses her favourite nipple cream as a lip balm! This hack actually makes a lot of sense, don’t you think? But would you try it though?



When I think of TikTok, I think about Kesha and not a bunch of kids dancing in front of a camera and getting paid for it…a lot (life is unfair). Kesha once revealed that she uses men’s beard dye to tint her brows. Umm… not sure how we feel about this one.



Last but definitely not the least, Beyoncé! Her makeup artist, Sir John, revealed that he uses a glue stick instead of a brow gel and the singer has actually become quite fond of this weird beauty hack! Penny for your thoughts?

Featured Image: Instagram

20 Jul 2020

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