OMG, What?! News SO Weird You Have To Read It To Believe It!

Pradipta SarkarPradipta Sarkar  |  May 5, 2016
OMG, What?! News SO Weird You Have To Read It To Believe It!


Remember that line from Through The Looking Glass, where the White Queen says “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”? In today’s weird, weird world, it seems like that statement could be true EVERY day. This is what our morning crawl through the Internet reveals….

1. Science says no one should have to go to school before 10 o’clock!

Dear Science, we feel betrayed. Sincerely, Everyone who has already graduated. Read more.

weird news 1

2. Five-year-olds DIG their way out of kindergarten and go off to buy a Jaguar.

Such persistence, such dedication! Predicting that these two are going to become multimillionaires by the time they turn 21. Or end up in jail – and break out of it. (In other news, there is literally a hole in the wall at the POPxo office. We swear we’re not trying to escape.) Read more.

weird news 2


3. N0 one in Mumbai is allowed to eat meat for 4 days – people continue to be outraged.

All you maas-macchhi addicts, you should actually thank the Shiv Sena-BJP Coalition for your forced detox and rehab. Read more.

weird news 3

4. Woman suspected of being a drug dealer hid a loaded gun inside her, uh, lady parts.

WHAT?! As judgemental as I might be feeling about her suspected career, I must say she is a braver woman than I. I would be terrified about the gun going off. Read more.

weird news 4

5. WhatsApp bug can let hackers steal all your info!

The next time someone complains about you not replying despite there being blue ticks next to your name, just cite being careful as your excuse! Read more.

weird news 5

6. The Muslim Board says that “triple talaq” should not be disallowed.

Yes, ladies, you’re still at your husbands’ mercies. If you do not want to be divorced by him (and he seems quite keen on it), it would appear that your only option might be to put Scotch Tape across his mouth before he can say it the third time. Read more.

weird news 6

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