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Weird Celeb-Approved Beauty Treatments

From Using Foreskin To Leech Therapy, 7 Weird AF Beauty Treatments That Celebs Swear By

There’s something about celebrities and their beautiful skin cause they never seem to age. Whether they undergo anti-aging treatments, get cosmetic surgeries, or are just blessed with good genetics, we’ve got to agree- their skin is great. 

We’ve often heard (and probably rolled our eyes) when celebrities talk about their skincare secrets saying that it’s all about having a good diet and using natural products. However, sometimes celebrities’ methods for having gorgeous can be some really weird and unconventional beauty treatments. Time to know more about these treatments that celebs swear by that’ll make you go WT-actual-F!


Weird Beauty Treatments That Are Celeb-Aqwapproved

Being a celeb comes with its own perks. They can literally try out the wackiest thing there is and turn that into a trend! And why not, they are celebrities! From using a baby’s foreskin to applying bird poop on their faces, be prepared as these treatments come nowhere close to being normal!

Mila Kunis / Gemstones


Oh, to be a celebrity and being able to spend your money on the most random of things!

Miss Mila Kunis loves spending splurging on a special skincare treatment that uses crushed diamonds and rubies that helps revive dull skin, making your skin glow like diamonds! The HD Ruby and Diamond Peel treatment is one of the most expensive treatments in the world and TBH, a tad bit much, right?

Demi Moore / Leech Therapy


Demi Moore actually loves trying out weird AF things and once she booked a trip to Europe just to have a few leeches suck blood from her skin (say whaaa?) Apparently, it helps remove toxins from your body. Would you try leech therapy?

Cate Blanchett / Foreskin Facial


Be prepared to cringe, hard!

Cate Blanchett is a huge fan of a very strange, intimate facial that uses…*wait for it*…Korean newborn baby foreskin. Oh, yes. You definitely read that right. Korean. Newborn. Baby. Foreskin!

For this ‘special’ facial, skin cells are injected into the skin which helps rejuvenate your skin. Cate also admitted to a popular Australian fashion mag that it smells “a bit like sperm” and all I wanna do right now is throw up and pretend that I never read (or wrote) about this!

Shailene Woodley/ Eats Clay


Using a clay mask on our skin? Hell yes, but eating it? We’re not so sure about it.

Remember when we were kids and we loved eating mitti (or was it just me)? Looks like Shailene refuses to grow up as she loves eating clay. Woodley admitted on a popular television show that she often eats a spoonful of clay as it helps “binds to other materials in your body and helps your body excrete those materials that aren’t necessarily the best for you”.

Wow, I have no words!

Snooki/ Cat Litter Facials


If you’ve ever watched even one episode of Jersey Shore, then you know how crazy and super OTT Snooki was! Years down the line seems like she is still drawn to weird things such as using cat litter…on her face!

Snooki revealed that she likes to use her pet cat’s litter to scrape off dead skin from her face. BRB, gotta throw up! And we thought using an apricot scrub on our skin was bad!

Alessandra Ambrosio/ Burning Hair


The Victoria’s Secret angel loves staying true to her Brazilian roots and is a huge fan of a popular Brazilian hair treatment called Velaterapia.

If you don’t know, it is a hair-burning technique that supposedly helps get rid of split ends. How? Small sections of your hair are twisted and all the flyaways sticking out are exposed to an open flame (preferably candle) that’s run up and down on your strands. Seems a bit too much and also quite scary, right?

Thanks, but I rather cut my own split-ends and cry internally while sitting so close to the fire!

Victoria Beckham/ Bird Poop Facial


When we see the name Victoria Beckham, we know that it’s going to be anything but normal. And to be fair, what is normal about using a facial that contains dehydrated bird faeces?

Posh Spice is a fan of the Japanese Nightingale facial which helps brighten the skin and fights off acne. Not sure how we feel about this one but it since Tom Cruise is a fan of this one too, we might keep this in our *might try one day* list!

If you want to sit home and try some skincare products that really help with skin radiance then we suggest you give the MyGlamm Glow range a go. The cream is lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin and is also enriched with rosehip oil that gives you an illuminated appearance. 

Oh to be a celeb and being away to get away with weird things!

Featured Image: Instagram

21 Feb 2021

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