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Simple Diet Changes To Help You Lose Weight

Simple Diet Changes To Help You Lose Weight

I was never skinny as a child. Even as a teenager, I was plump and never enjoyed playing sports. However, when I started college, I lost a lot of weight. I made big diet changes, started spending hours in the gym, generally traumatised myself with the anxiety of ‘growing up’! However, I could only maintain my weight for the three years of my college. I guess sometimes good things come with a limited period membership and mine had a short expiry date.

I joined work. As a writer, 90 percent of my job involved sitting and churning out articles. So, it’s safe to say that I spend most of my time on the desk. Plus, a lot of my day is also spent in commuting to and from work which means I have to wake up early and come back home late. All of this leaves no time to workout at all. Add to that the fact that I’m pretty lazy, so I anyway have little motivation.

What made things worse, I had a slight medical condition due to which I had to have steroids as medicines. All causes put together, I ended up gaining a whopping 14 kgs in a span of only 17 months. While I didn’t do much about it initially, I had a feeling that things were getting out of hand. One day, I met my college friends who had seen me skinny and they could not believe what they saw. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I really needed to make a change to my lifestyle. After some much thought, I finally decided to take the plunge. I promised myself to stick to it no matter what temptations came my way.

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Simple Diet To Lose Weight

Instead of exercising, I decided to try a diet that would help me lose the weight. This has given me amazing results and trust me when I say this, my body is as stubborn as I am.

P.S.: This was given to me by my nutritionist. It will not make you feel bloated, nor will it make you starve. It is just a combination of a balanced meal that will give you all the right nutrition if you follow it by the minute. Read on to know more –

7 AM – Wake up and have flax seeds with a couple of dates

8 AM – One banana

9:30 AM – Breakfast that has toast with jam or Nutella

12 Noon – Have a fruit

2 PM – Have lunch (Dal rice/ aaloo paratha/ Alloo chaat/ subway)

4:30 PM – Green tea with a fruit or pumpkin seeds

6:30 PM – Have sauteed veggies

8:30 PM – Light dinner with sprouts or dal or just a cup of ice cream

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Well, if you look at the diet above, there is a mix of everything so you don’t really starve yourself. My base weight when I started with this diet was actually 67 kgs and it has dropped to 61 in two months. Yes! It’s a healthy balanced diet where I have a little bit of everything all throughout the day. When I first saw this diet, I literally thought to myself “Wow! That’s a lot of food”. However, when I followed it with a little bit of cheating every once in a while, my body started to respond to it.

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I’ve been battling weight issues for so long that I’ve also tried a few other diets.

1. Keto diet

It is a diet which involves having a very limited amount of carbohydrates. However, unless you consult a dietician, it’s not the healthiest diet to follow. You can eat cheese, eggs and everything else except food items that have carbs. The initial days of my diet made me feel a little weak but my body kind of got used to the process after a week. You should allow yourself at least one cheat day in the week so that your body doesn’t go into a starve-mode and start hoarding carbs — because that can lead to weight gain.

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2. A simple diet with healthy food

This is a less complicated diet but requires a lot of patience. You just divide your breakfast lunch and dinner into healthy eating habits. For example, you snack with fruits instead of junk. You eat quinoa instead of rice and avoid junk for as long as you can. Like I said, it’s a slower process but an extremely healthy option.

While I was in the process of reducing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I have come to a few realisations and every person who needs to lose weight should know. Your body needs a workout in order to stay fit from the inside as well. Make healthy eating choices a lifelong habit in order to keep that body weight intact.

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23 Jan 2018

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