Here’s Why A Wedding Gift Registry Is A Revolutionary Concept!

Nayan DasNayan Das  |  Oct 30, 2018
Here’s Why A Wedding Gift Registry Is A Revolutionary Concept!


Ever felt the world is moving towards material detachment? And no, that doesn’t mean a reduced love for the latest Jimmy Choos or an iPhone XS. It means not tying ourselves down to things we won’t love and use. Today millennials would rather Uber it than have the hassle of maintaining and paying for a car. It’s rentals and smart investments over the need to buy a home. It means spending ONLY on the things we really want, and which are convenient for us to keep and maintain.

Fitting in perfectly with this mindset is a smart idea, making its way into The Big Fat Indian Wedding—the wedding gift registry. This concept, a norm in the West, has finally arrived in our country and is becoming a game-changer for couples. Basically, it’s a way for couples to choose the gifts they want for their wedding, and share the list with their guests. This is a way for guests to know that the money they spend is being put to good use. While the couple, is not stuck with gifts they don’t want and don’t have space to keep!

Here’s how creating a registry with Wedding Wishlist helps you have a fabulous wedding!

1. Your wedding, your rules

There is a reason it’s called ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’—it takes a big fat bite right out of your savings! Weddings in India are an expensive affair. Add to that the cost of setting up a new home, planning a honeymoon or buying a new car (all common expenses immediately post the big day), and you’ve got yourself a serious nearly-empty pocket. Now imagine, if every guest, who would anyway spend money on a gift, got you  exactly what you wanted? A gift registry does just that. You can opt for home appliances, furniture, gift cards, holidays and even cash! Creating a registry lets you set the rules, so you plan for the marriage and not just the wedding.

2. It’s waste-free & responsible (Hello adulting!)

Srinidhi   Prashanth

The world does not need any more waste — not your guests’ money, not the storage in your home and not the 11th clock you receive. By answering the one question you’re persistently asked before your wedding (What do you want for your wedding), you can save so much of everyone’s time, effort and cash! And if you’ve got a big heart and everything you need, then create a charity registry and let your guests contribute towards a cause you believe in! Wedding Wishlist couple Srinidhi & Prashanth chose to do just that, raising lakhs towards the foundations they support!

3. Do your guests a favour!

No matter how well your college bestie knows you, or the unconditional love your distant aunt has for you, they WILL struggle to get you the right gift. And even if they get you something amazing, what’s the guarantee that someone else won’t get you the same thing! Instead, if you give your guests your ‘Wishlist’, you save them precious time and guesswork, and yourself from a fifth candle set! More importantly, with the option of contributing any amount they like towards any gift on your registry, there is never a problem of going over-budget. Guests of Gowtham and Sudha, a Wedding Wishlist couple, loved using the registry for this reason!

4. Forgo the heavy lifting

Daphne   Nithin 2

Gifts are supposed to be fun and a token of love. But most couples and their families spend a lot of time and effort managing gifts on that day. Where to keep all the boxes? Did any gift tags fall off? Did something get lost or broken? Whose home to take these gifts to? And after all that, you end up with well-intentioned gifts that don’t fit into your home or life! A gift registry takes away all of these problems in a zap. You can make a list of all the things that you actually want; there is minimum wastage, no duplicate gifts and nothing to be recycled! Wedding Wishlist couple Daphne & Nithin created a gift registry for their destination wedding as they didn’t want their guests to carry boxes to Goa, and they definitely didn’t want to carry it all back to their hometown!

5. It’s custom-made for you!

Nothing about your wedding should be off-the-rack, including your registry. It lets you add anything you like, from any online store, be it a gaming console, a couples’ massage or the new-season tote you’ve got your eye on! And if that isn’t your thing, you can include a holiday, dining vouchers, adventure activities or any other experience you like. For those who want to play it safe, cash and gift cards are also options to consider. And once you’re done adding gifts, you can integrate your registry with a free website, personalised with your function details, travel information, photos and guestbook!

You can also create a free wedding gift registry with Wedding Wishlist, make your own rules and have a waste-free ceremony!

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