10 Questions EVERY Bride Has About The Wedding Night – Answered!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  Nov 27, 2016
10 Questions EVERY Bride Has About The Wedding Night – Answered!

The wedding night is just as important as the wedding itself. You see, it’s more than just about the sex. After all those tiring ceremonies and photo sessions, this is when you finally get to be with each other without the lights, the cameramen and the 100+ guests. And it doesn’t matter whether it is an arranged setup or a love marriage, the feeling is totally new and different. And with this new feeling of being alone with him on your special night, comes a set of doubts and questions… which you may feel awkward about asking someone. So here we are, answering all the little queries that a bride-to-be might have.

1. Is it wrong to not want to do it on the first night?

Guess what?! A lot of couples actually don’t do it on the first night. Often, the ceremonies go on till late in the night and it’s only human to be exhausted after all of it. So no, you’re not wrong if you wish to wait for the right time and the right setting. Don’t let the stress of the first night get to you. It’s best to make love when you truly want to. 1 wedding night

2. Help! This will be my first time. What should I expect?

First of all, as we mentioned earlier, wait till you’re completely ready to have sex. Also, it’s okay to be apprehensive or nervous in case this is your first time or if you’ve not known the guy for long. Talk to your husband about this if you’re comfortable or just trust him and go with the flow. Sex comes naturally when it’s with a person you love. So don’t worry!

3. Does it have to be perfect?

You don’t have to be a pro and show off all your moves in one day! It’s the hype around the wedding night that usually makes brides totally freak out. In reality, there is no guidebook to sex and there is nothing like ‘perfect sex’. It’s just a lovely feeling to share with your special someone. A feeling that you both enjoy. So let go of all the preconceived notions and apprehensions and just enjoy! 3 wedding night

4. What about down there? Do I need to do any special prep?

A lot of brides get a bikini wax done before the wedding. You can always check out this guide in case you’ve never gotten it done before. If a bikini wax is too much for you, you always have the option of shaving. Or else, a good trim would also do. Just make sure you’re comfortable with whatever you’re getting or not getting done, and that in the end, it should make you feel more confident about yourself.

5. Should I buy special lingerie for the night?

If you wish to! Ummm…actually it’ll be nice if you do. Whether or not you end up making love, it’s a good idea to buy something special for when that night comes. Try not buying something overly racy and stick to elegant yet seductive inner wear. Couple that with a pretty nightwear or a wrap and you’re done! Check out some amazing bridal nightwear options here. 5 wedding night

6. Do I wait for him to make the first move or…?

Who says that only men should make the first move! If you’re feeling up to it, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and start the act. In fact, it’s a major turn-on for some men to see their women take charge in bed.

7. Uh-oh, what if we have an embarrassing or awkward moment?

You’ll only be laughing about this years later. But in case any such thing happens, just remember that it’s natural and you can’t do anything about it. Just let it pass off as a joke and you’ll be good. 7 wedding night

8. Is it a better idea to book a hotel?

Now we’re talking girl! Well, if you go by us, we highly recommend booking a hotel for the special night. It just takes the pressure off of all the family members outside the room. Plus, you’ll really appreciate the privacy and the alone time you can enjoy the next day. Also, you can request the staff for flowers, candles and dim lighting to set the mood just right.

9. What if we don’t have a condom?

Uh-uh…now that sounds like a problem. If you do not have a condom on you, try finding a medical store around and buy one. If that does not work out, it is better to wait another night instead of rushing into it. It’s best to prepared in advance and a wise decision to not have unprotected sex. 9 wedding night

10. Any last minute things I need to be sure about?

You would’ve had a hectic day and if there is anything you need to be sure about before jumping into the act is to smell good! If time permits, take a quick shower before you slip into your bridal nightwear and spritz on some perfume. Also, do brush your teeth so that your breath smells nice and fresh. And don’t forget to tell him how great he was at the end of the act! Now get ready to have an awesome time, pretty Miss Bride-to-be!

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