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10 Makeup Trends To Stay Away From On Your Wedding Day!

10 Makeup Trends To Stay Away From On Your Wedding Day!

Trends come and go but elegance is forever! After weeks (or maybe even months) of preparing for your big day, you’ve probably perfected your makeup and skincare routine by now. And thanks to all that extensive research, you know exactly how you want your bridal look to be. However, brides-to-be, keep in mind these 10 wedding makeup trends/ looks to give a miss, so that you look nothing but stunning!

1. Shimmery lips

Frosty shimmery lips are a huge no-no, as they do nothing to enhance your natural lip shape and colour. It settles into the fine lines and dries out the lips. Touch ups are a nightmare with these as residual shimmer can wreak havoc with your look. The look isn’t natural and therefore not really an elegant and a classic choice for your wedding. Choose from sheers, powder mattes, moist mattes and lip tints to suit your outfit and your mood, for that timeless look.

2. Glittery eyes

2 wedding makeup

This is not a disco and your outfit/ jewellery is already bling-y enough, so please skip the glitter eyes and opt for a more elegant and classic look. You might be into the glitter trend now but you don’t want to cringe years later when you’re looking through your wedding albums.


3. Going bare faced

No matter how much you hate putting on makeup, buckle up, and slather some on – it is your wedding, after all. Base makeup evens out skin tone and hides imperfections. It also creates a barrier between your skin and all those harsh lights you will be based with so that your skin isn’t dried and parched by the end of the wedding. Choose a sheer coverage, lightweight, easily blendable foundation for that airbrushed look!

4. Full face matte look

4 wedding makeup

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, we’ve all hopped onto the bandwagon of the ‘matte look’. However, you might want to skip the all-out matte look for your wedding and here is why. Lights and camera flash do well to showcase your makeup if there is something on your skin that reflects the light. While a matte look is perfect for your daily look, for your wedding, opt for a slightly dewy or highlighted look to take it to the next level. Wear a matte lipstick on dewy skin if you really want to sport something matte! The contrast of textures and finishes will look spectacular on camera!

5. Heavy eyes and bright lips together

This is an old rule but applicable to your wedding as well. Just because it is your wedding doesn’t mean you have to overdose on makeup and put everything you’ve ever owned onto your face. Practice a little restraint and choose between a heavy eye or a heavy lip and stick to it. This way the emphasis is on your outfit, skin, jewellery, and the makeup just complements them, as opposed to makeup being the centre point of your look!


6. A lot of highlighting, if you have oily skin

6 wedding makeup

Highlighters are all the rage this season, but, if you’re a bride with oily skin, you might want to go easy on the highlighting as it can make your skin look shinier than usual. If you really want to use one, opt for a powder based one with very fine shimmer particles so that it is subtle and doesn’t irritate your skin. Give cream and liquid illuminators a miss entirely and you’ll thank us later!

7. Heavy contouring

Contouring is a boon if you have a chubby or a round face, but, if you have a long or a slim face, you might want to give it a miss as it can make your face look even skinnier and even more elongated. Don’t do it just because everyone else is doing it. Opt for a simple strobing technique instead to give you a soft yet defined look.

8. Undone brows

8 wedding makeup


Most people skip this step but it makes a world of difference if you do actually enhance your brows. Brows define the high points of your face and give it some definition. A full face of makeup with undone brows doesn’t look finished, so, be sure to shape and fill in your brows ever so slightly to give you that sharp bridal look.

9. Not extending your face makeup to your neck

This is a common mistake which one has to keep in mind. Even if your neck is covered with jewellery, you have to extend your base makeup to your neck so that it appears even and there isn’t a stark difference between the skin on your face and neck. Use the same foundation as you do for your face and blend for a seamless look. These subtle differences show up visibly on camera and under bright lights, so be extra careful!

10. Thickening mascara

10 wedding makeup

Opt for a lengthening one instead of a thickening one to ensure that your lashes look luscious without looking clumpy. Since thickening mascaras add volume to each lash, it may cause the lashes to clump with one another, making it look and feel unnatural. If you really want extra volume, opt for falsies!


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05 May 2017

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