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The Cutest Ways To Dress Up The Vidaai Car (Not Just Flowers!)

The Cutest Ways To Dress Up The Vidaai Car (Not Just Flowers!)

Aren’t you bored of seeing the shaadi ki gaadi decked up in the usual strings of flowers? We sure are! And in this post we want to make sure that when you get married, your wedding going away car is anything but the usual. So share this one with your hubby-to-be or the bestie who always makes sure you get what you want because these ‘Just Married’ cars are super adorable!

1. Paper pom poms!

1 wedding going away car

How cute does this wedding car look?! For the couple who wants it colourful, fun and trendy, strings of pop-coloured pom poms are the way to go. If your travel distance is not too much, then you can totally have these flowing all the way down and trailing you till the destination.

Image: Inyourhonour_events on Instagram


2. Balloons can never go wrong

2 wedding going away car

Bunches of balloons on your car are the cutest thing ever! From different shapes to colours and designs, there is a whole lot that you can do. Couple this up with a ‘Just Married’ sign and we do love the white lace trailing behind!

Image: Italy_collected on Instagram

3. A floral wreath

3 wedding going away car


If you do want a bit of flowers in your car decor then why not do the floral wreath instead? For a summer or a beach wedding a wreath of green leaves and blush pink roses is so adorable. Looks so fresh and elegant.

Image: Not_your_average_bride on Instagram

4. The one with the cans

4 wedding going away car

Make some noise as you drive away just like we’ve seen so many times in the movies. Tie on a bunch of old cans to the back of your car. Use cola cans, do them up with colour papers and use ribbons to tie them on. A ‘Just Married’ banner is the perfect add-on!


Image: Spehrphotography on Instagram

5. Let’s make it artistic

5 wedding going away car

Hiring a vintage car with a rag top to drive back after the wedding? This is one idea you should totally steal. We love how the back of the car is done up with dummy gift boxes and a mini blackboard that reads ‘Just Married’. So different and so awesome!

Image: LovelyMiami on Instagram


6. The festive feel

6 wedding going away car

Metallic gold alphabet balloons and colourful tassel pom-poms give the most festive feel ever! You could have your initials, ‘Newlyweds’ or ‘Cheers’ on a banner strung across your car and drive away to your new home in style!

Image: The Maharani Diaries on Instagram

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20 Jun 2016

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