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Did You Know Wearing Wrong Lingerie Could Be Bad For Your Health?

Did You Know Wearing Wrong Lingerie Could Be Bad For Your Health?

Lingerie is probably the last thing on your mind right now with 50% of it not being in use only. Even when the world wasn’t in the shackles of COVID-19, how much thought did you put into selecting your underwear while getting dressed in the morning? Nobody is going to see it; nobody is going to find out what colour is it or if there’s a small hole in your underwear, so what’s wrong with not caring about the lingerie you wear–one might think. Well, precisely that.

Your undergarments should be the last thing you ignore because wearing the wrong ones can have harmful effects on your health. From not knowing your correct bra size to wearing lace panties all day long, we all have made some lingerie mistakes. But it’s time to stop and reverse the damage by making the right choices. Here are all the times you’ve been wrong about your lingerie and how to fix that.

Common Lingerie Mistakes That Are Bad For Your Health

Remember the bra marks you used to come home to? And that unpleasant yeast infection? Ever experienced itching or rashes down there? It was probably your underwear! Well, no more.

Wearing Ill-Fitted Underwear


Wrong: Whether it’s a size too big or too small, ill-fitted underwear can give you a lot of grief. Apart from being uncomfortable, tight panties can also lead to chafing and redness in the areas where the skin is most sensitive. As for loose fitted-bra, they can lead to saggy boobs.

Right: Know your correct size. Get someone to check your measurements when you go for lingerie shopping or measure yourself at home. Most stores these days let you try different sizes and styles to help you figure out which one will be most comfortable for you.

Thinking Design > Material

Wrong: Wearing briefs made of materials like polyester, satin, silk and spandex don’t let your vagina breathe, therefore, resulting in irritation. Not to mention lacey undies and the likes can cause rashes when worn for long hours. 

Right: Basically, any piece of lingerie that’s not cotton is wrong especially when it’s about everyday hygiene. Cotton lets your skin breathe and is doctor recommended for daily wear. If at all you’ve to opt for something else, make sure the crotch area is cotton lined. A lot of brands are introducing this option across their range of lingerie as well as swimwear.

Wearing Underwear 24*7


Wrong: Bras tend to permanently pull on your shoulders and breasts, no wonder taking them off is a relief! Wearing panties, on the other hand, for really long hours can lead to moisture being retained and may lead to issues like bacteria and inflammation due to infections.

Right: Just like everything else, your private parts need a break as well. On the bra front, most of us are all sorted. It has become an involuntary body response to take them off as soon as we’re home. Coming to panties, it has been scientifically acknowledged that it’s healthier to sleep in nude–which means bye-bye panties–as it helps maintain just the right body temperature in rest mode and allows enough time for your vagina to breathe. In fact, there are many many health benefits of going commando.

Wearing Too Many Coloured Underwears

Wrong: How do you think colours are added to clothes? They’re not natural dyes! Coloured fabrics have a number of synthetic dyes in them which can become an issue especially if you tend to sweat more and have sensitive skin. Thus, wearing only coloured underwear can cause rashes and irritation.  

Right: Try to wear white and light coloured undergarments as often as possible. You can alternate between coloured choices and basic whites if you like. 

Not Showering After A Workout


Wrong: Changing into fresh clothes without a shower after a workout or wearing the same undergarments that you wore to the workout after showering, both are wrong practices when it comes to personal hygiene. If continued, this can lead to skin-related problems.

Right: First things first, wear underwear made of sweat-resistant materials that wick away moisture. Secondly, if your gym is far from your house, try to carry a change of clothes (including your undergarments) so you can shower at the facility right after your workout.

Wearing Shapewear Too Often

Wrong: Wearing shapewear frequently can cause issues like acid reflux besides general discomfort. It’s fine if you’re wearing it once in a while for a flattering look in that bodycon dress but making a habit out of it is not advisable. A shapewear’s function is to compress your body and when all that squeezing is happening daily, it can’t be good for your health.

Right: Reach out to your shapewear only when absolutely necessary! That’s all. Pro tip: breathable boyshorts or cycling shorts with a stretchy elastic band can help you look shapely. You can go for those as an alternative to shapewear.

Wearing Thongs Too Often


Wrong: Thongs, even though extremely sexy and sleek, have the tendency to slide back and forth a lot. Given such a small piece of fabric, they don’t stay in their place like regular underwear. Did you know that catching a bacterial infection from your own behind is easier than anyone else? And thongs make that happen quicker than all. Not to mention how irritating they can be because of extremely close contact with the vulval area.

Right: If thongs work for you, nothing like that. But if they don’t, there’s absolutely no need to wear them. It’s not like there’s a purpose they are fulfilling. If you don’t like wearing higher bands, go for low-rise and cheeky bottoms in cotton.

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17 Apr 2020

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