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5 Questions The Friends Cast Needs To Answer In The Upcoming Reunion

5 Questions The Friends Cast Needs To Answer In The Upcoming Reunion

After what seems like an eternity, the FRIENDS reunion is officially happening! And let’s be honest, it’s probably the greatest thing to happen this year. The highly anticipated trailer is finally out and we’re not crying, you are! We’re not even surprised that the trailer went viral as soon as it was out!  

The clip sees the original gang reuniting to discuss everything from their casting to more important questions like whether or not Ross and Rachel were really on a break! I think they weren’t! They also recreate some epic moments like Phoebe Buffay saying, ‘my eyes, my eyes’ in Season five, episode 14. The trailer is a treat to watch with everybody having so much fun. And it’s surely bound to take you on a trip down memory lane. Now, since the cast is all together, we have some serious questions. Did Ross and Rachel get on/off again? Are Chandler and Monica still living in the suburbs? We have many more that we’re hoping the reunion has answers to! Read on!

Are Ross & Rachel Still Together? Are They Having More kids?


The end of the series saw Rachel Green and Ross Geller reuniting. This was just after Rachel got off her flight from Paris and declared her love for Ross. Since their relationship was more off than on, we cannot help but wonder whether they’re still together? If yes, did the epic wedding with the doves take place? Also, Ross had earlier said that he’d like to have one more kid with Rachel, so does that happen? Tell us now!

Hi Emma, Are You Still Enjoying Your Nap?


C’mon, how can you not remember this one? In an episode of Season 10–the one with the cake, the gang gets together to celebrate Emma’s first birthday, which was an epic disaster btw! Emma’s refusal kinda spoils everybody’s mood. Chandler pouts on a video camera and complains about the same, “Hi Emma. It’s the year 2020. Are you still enjoying your nap?” Since it’s after 2020 now, we can’t help but ask what she’s doing right now? When I think of her, I imagine a chic girl making a point on how blush pink and neon green do not go well AT ALL! 

Are Phoebe And Mike Having A Kid Too?


After dating a few good (remember the dreamy firefighter?) and some not-so-great guys, Phoebe ended up with Mike. Apart from a few mishaps on D-day, they did have an amazing wedding on a snowy street near Central Park. Now, we’d really like to know if they’ve followed in the footsteps of their friends and are parents too? WE NEED TO KNOW! 

Did Joey Get Hitched?!


Oh, for the love of God, tell us this already! We’re all aware that Joey dated a zillion girls on the show and had commitment issues. We would’ve found this out sooner in the spin-off show Joey. But, since the final few episodes were cancelled, we’re clueless. Need to know this ASAP! 

Is Gunther Still In love With Rachel?


First, I’d like to know how he reacted to the news of Rachel getting back to Ross? And then we want to know if he ever got over Rachel and settled down with someone? Someone paint us a picture already? This is one character that surely deserves a happy ending! 

This isn’t all. I do have a zillion more questions but I’ll wait for the premiere to have those answered!

P.S It would be wise to watch the Reunion with a box of tissues!

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20 May 2021

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