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We Work Very Hard To Get Noticed: Hina Khan Opens Up About Nepotism In The Industry

We Work Very Hard To Get Noticed: Hina Khan Opens Up About Nepotism In The Industry

It is practically impossible to be a television enthusiast and not know Hina Khan. Hard-working, and committed, Hina is a self-made professional who has certainly made her own niche in the telly land. Be it her ideal bahu portrayal of Akshara from hit show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai or her real-life brazen personality that we witnessed on Bigg Boss, this one knows how to create her own space and rule it unabashedly. 

After proving her mettle on the small screen, Hina is now all set to make her digital film debut with Zee5’s film Unlock and is, of course, really excited about the same. Having made a swift transition from TV to films, like everyone else, she has faced her share of challenges and is well versed with what it takes to make a name in the industry especially when you don’t have a godfather. 

Speaking on the same, Hina shared in a recent interview with a media portal, “Everyone has their own share of struggles. Some have to struggle more, some less. There are a lot of factors behind it. If I talk about myself, I have done TV, films, web series, music videos and now I am doing a digital film.”

However, the actress was quick to add that things would have been definitely different had she penetrated into the industry with connections to back her. As she says, “I am giving my best because I know that I will have to perform well in all my films then someone might notice me. We need to work very hard to get noticed by a big producer or director.”

Speaking on nepotism and star kid privilege, she further added, “Star kids or people who are from the industry have the privilege. They won’t be affected if one of their films don’t work but if I sign one big film and it doesn’t work, I won’t get another chance. The only difference is, no matter their films work or not, they have back to back films.”

That said, Hina is fixed on her goals and definitely knows how to make her presence felt. Her successful debut on the Cannes red carpet is proof enough. As the actress now looks at a career in films she is really excited about Unlock which also features Kushal Tandon. 

Talking about the same she shared “It’s a suspense-thriller where an app guides me to do things in order to fulfill my wishes. The user needs to pay a price to get their wishes granted and what happens when the user doesn’t do as the app had asked them to do. I am excited to be a part of this film and this is for the first time such a film has been made on this subject.” Intriguing right?

Well, rest assured Hina would always be someone who doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind and we hope that the quality takes her to great heights. Good luck for Unlock Hina!  

Featured Image: Instagram 

26 Jun 2020

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