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Awww! Dadi Neetu Kapoor Just Shared The Cutest Update About Alia Bhatt & Baby Kapoor

Awww! Dadi Neetu Kapoor Just Shared The Cutest Update About Alia Bhatt & Baby Kapoor

Since the day Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor announced their pregnancy we have been way too invested in their lives. Everything about the couple has been #Goals in the past few months. Just yesterday, the couple broke the internet by announcing their little princess’s arrival and we have been eagerly waiting for an update about the youngest Kapoor. Guess what? We finally know what’s up with the little one.

Last night, dadi Neetu Kapoor spoke to paps about her granddaughter and she couldn’t contain her joy. In the video, a paparazzo can be seen asking the veteran actress how she feels after her granddaughter’s birth. She replies, “Why do you always ask me all this? What do I say? I am very happy.” 

When another photographer asked her if the baby girl looked like Alia or Ranbir, she replied, “Abhi choti hai, aaj hi huyi hai. Toh fir pata nahi itna. (She is too small right now, just born today. So, it is hard to say right now.)” The actress added, “She is very cute.” 

Mama Kapoor also gave an update on Alia’s health and shared, “Ekdum (totally) first class, absolutely okay. Everything is fine.” 

We can’t get over how happy Neetu Kapoor is RN! All we can say is *touchwood*

Alia & Ranbir’s Adorable Baby Announcement

On Sunday, Alia took to her Instagram and announced the arrival of their little girl with the cutest post! She wrote, “And in the best news of our lives – Our baby is here… and what a magical girl she is! We are officially bursting with love! Blessed and obsessed PARENTS!!! Love Love Love, Alia & Ranbir.” Check out the post here:

We are waiting for a picture of baby Bhatt-Kapoor now. Can someone make it happen?

Featured Image: Instagram

07 Nov 2022

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