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Big Girls Don’t Cry: 11 Signs You’re Actually Growing Up!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 5, 2016
Big Girls Don’t Cry: 11 Signs You’re Actually Growing Up!


It happens kind of suddenly, and one day you just have to ask yourself: “Oh, hey! Am I one of the adults now?” It’s super-strange to be a part of that “grown up” crowd sometimes, but you also secretly feel proud that you made it there! If you aren’t quite sure if you’re on your way to be being an adult, check for these signs so you aren’t completely blindsided by it!

1. Your parents trust you to make your own decisions

At least from time to time. They ARE still parents, you know. Of course, you might still seek them out for advice, and they’ll always be there. It even makes them feel happy when you do it!

2. You know exactly what you want from a relationship. And exactly the kind of person you want it with.  

And you refuse to settle for anything else. No more A-holes allowed!

growing up 2

3. You know who your real friends are. Not just the ones who will be there for your birthday parties but also the ones who’ll help babysit your new niece

And you know the ones who don’t do the second? They aren’t invited to do the first either.

4. You don’t ever feel the NEED to be in a relationship

Not at weddings, not on Valentine’s day, not around your coupled-up friends. You’re fine just being by yourself for the moment, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And you’re fine if you’re in a relationship too – you’re in it because you want to be!

growing up  4

5. You understand the need for compromise

There are tiny things you just have to give up sometime. To make relationships work, to make life easier. It’s better for the long run, and you realize that now.

6. You can see the bigger picture

Sure, the smaller picture didn’t look bad, but some decisions in life require you to look at the bigger one first. And you’re able to do that now!


7. Things in the past remain in the past

Yes, maybe you’ve done some stupid things in the past. And at that time you wished you could take them back. But looking back, you can’t get yourself to regret any of it. It taught you something, and that’s good enough.

8. Acceptance comes naturally and doesn’t have to be forced

It may be about having to change your diet, going to see the doctor or even reducing your alcohol intake. Your body requires certain things from you, and when you realize what they are you accept the changes you have to make.

growing up  8

9. People drift apart – and you’ve learnt to let them go

High school friends who promised to be there forever? You haven’t heard from them in months and you haven’t even realized they’ve been missing. Sure, it sucks, but sometimes lives take completely different paths and keeping up with each other is more of a hassle than a pleasure. You GET that.

10. Priorities have been set. They might change given the situation, but the concept is established.

Sure, you might call in sick to work because it’s your mom’s birthday. But you won’t ever do it because you were out partying all night. Attendance didn’t matter back in college, but now that you actually get paid to show up, you understand the importance of it.

growing up 10

11. It’s not all about the money

Yes, you’re learning (first-hand) exactly how essential money is to survive. And how hard it is to come by. But you also know that just because taking a particular direction might turn out to be more lucrative doesn’t mean that it is the right one for you.

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