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If Your Crush Doesn’t Text Back… 10 Texts To Restart The Convo!

If Your Crush Doesn’t Text Back… 10 Texts To Restart The Convo!

Let’s face it, ladies – no one likes to be a “double texter”!  But there are ways to restart the convo that aren’t cringey…actually, they’re pretty funny! We’re sure that the next time you find yourself in this situation, these one liners will come in super handy!

1. The classic route

… Go for something simple (but intriguing) like a “knock, knock” joke!


2. A picture speaks a thousand words

… Use a funny/ cute emoji or something personal to you guys. 2 ways you can restart the conversation

3. Role reversal

… If he’s not texting you back let him know he’s on your mind in a humorous way. For instance: “Stop making me think about you. I’m busy!”


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4. Memes mean business

… Go through your screenshots and you’re bound to find something funny stored – or maybe something funny a girlfriend sent you – no time like the present to forward that baby! 4 ways you can restart the conversation


5. Filter me up

… This one’s a little on the sneaky side but send your guy a Snapchat (use funny filter, obvs) and see if he checks it. That way you know he’s on his phone or not! 😉 #Sneaky

6. Small talk, chit chat

… There’s nothing like a random funny thought; try something that’s bound to catch a smile. “Do you think there’s ever going to be a Don 3?!” (Let’s be honest, it’s a legitimate question!) 6 ways you can restart the conversation


7. Sarcasm, LOL

… Why not go in straight for the kill and say something like, “Wow – you’re such a big talker!” Hopefully he’ll sense the irony and the convo will start flowing again!

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8. Oops. Autocorrect!

… “Omgwhyarentyoutextingmeback” isn’t exactly a text you can send to your guy without sounding needy! Why not blame autocorrect instead? “Omgwhyarentyoutextingmeback” followed by “Lol oops autocorrect I mean hi”

8 ways you can restart the conversation


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9. #JustSaying

… Throw him a random compliment or thought of the day, how about a random quote even? Follow it by #justsaying to pass it off as super casual!


10. Question time

… Texting is really the best way to get to know your other half on a deeper level… Not! So go for a question that brings a smile instead – something like “So how would you define yourself in 3 emojis?!” And see what he comes back with! 10 ways you can restart the conversation

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16 Aug 2016
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