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21 Ways To Remind Yourself How Beautiful You Are

21 Ways To Remind Yourself How Beautiful You Are

Hello, gorgeous! How is the day going for you? Awesome, average or awful? Whatever emotion you might be feeling right now, even if you are occupied with a million thoughts at the moment, in the midst of a busy day, I am here to remind you of how beautiful you are. 

Look at yourself, just look at yourself!

You’re beautiful and nothing, absolutely nothing has the power in the entire universe to bring you down because your beauty exists and spreads in all the ways of life.

Remember that, my beautiful girl, will you?

You’ve just said your goodbyes to an era that provoked everyone to idealize unrealistic body types and skin tones. You’re living in a world that has started seeing beauty in all forms, sizes and colours and it’s gonna get better. I understand that social media platforms have made it so easy for you to see only the ‘good-looking’ side of people instead of their good side. But even when you scroll a lot, don’t forget to appreciate yourself. Your charm, your hair, your gorgeous skin, everything about you is breathtaking. 

When you look at polished and filtered celebs or even bloggers, remember that they have a team of at least five or more people to prepare them for that one well-furnished post. 

You are wonderful just as you are. Everyone is lovely, just as they are. Grey hair tells you, you’re wise. Scars tell you, you have a hell of a story to share. Wrinkles are a sign that you’re getting smarter. Fine lines add texture to your skin. All these are the ways in which your body expresses and shares its experiences. So remind yourself how beautiful you are, over and over again and if are not sure how to do that, then continue reading…   

1. Start your day with a smile.

2. Look into your eyes through a mirror and tell your body “you’re beautiful”.

3. Respect your skin and hair. Use healthy, organic, chemical-free products on them.

4. Keep your posture straight. It’ll build up your confidence to a level you never thought you could.

5. The meaning of beauty starts from you, so discover your own definition of ‘beauty’.

5 Ways To Remind Yourself How Beautiful You Are - selena gomez looking in the mirror

6. Take pride in your body.

7. Pamper yourself more often with a spa, manicure, pedicure. In fact, today is perfect for some self-indulgence.

8. When nothing goes right, get a haircut. 

9. Focus on the best, not on the worst. Pay attention to that lip colour that complimented your skin and dress perfectly, let go of that acne scar.

10. Respect your body. Eat right. The more you take care of your body, the more precious you’ll feel it is. 

10 Ways To Remind Yourself How Beautiful You Are - beyonce cooking

11. Be amazed at the wonders of your body. The miracles it can do with its shape, size and age. Your body is fantastic, it talks to you all the time. It tells you when something is wrong. It’s your best friend.

12. Try out a new makeup trend every week, for self-love and self-satisfaction. Keep updating yourself with cool new trends.

13. Remind yourself, you’re too busy for the negatives. Make a list of all the beauty products you like and start trying them one by one.  

14. Appreciate your flaws. Embrace your scars, moles, freckles. Come on, they are not the problem, they are a part of you!

15. Look at your scars and imperfections and observe how they tell a story without a word. You’re a book, rather a well-written novel!

15 Ways To Remind Yourself How Beautiful You Are - emma stone smiling

16. Look at your reflection more often and be kind to yourself (and others).

17. Sweat it out or practice delicate dances, whatever makes you feel your body’s movements.

18. Embrace whatever makes you feel your uniqueness, for instance, if you don’t like putting on too much makeup, that makes you special. If you know everything about applying makeup, that also makes you special.

19. Meditate. It makes everything better – your mind, your skin, your hair, your overall body health. It simultaneously works on everything. 

20. Keep experimenting with your hair, if you like it. Style it, colour it or just blow dry it, whatever feels right, do it.

20 Ways To Remind Yourself How Beautiful You Are - aishwarya rai in fanney khan 

21. Try a new face mask every weekend. Sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?! 

Last but not least, be grateful! 

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