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How To Make Your Boobs Look Better – 9 Simple Tips!

How To Make Your Boobs Look Better – 9 Simple Tips!

Regardless of their shape and size, having amazing boobs is something every girl would love and aspire for. We have a few simple tricks that any of you can try to really help them look better than ever. Read on to help your twins look more gorgeous than the do already!

1. Turn Onto Your Back

Sleeping on your front and even on your side every single night can cause wrinkles on your chest and can even lead to sagging. Sounds a bit scary, right? Do your girls a favour and flip over onto your back to help them stay young and perky!


2. Get Fitted By A Pro

2 Make Your Boobs Look Better

A bra that fits you perfectly can make a world of difference to how great your breasts look. 8 out of 10 women wear ill-fitting bras so it’s essential to get fitted by a professional, even if you feel like you don’t need to. A professional will also help you adjust the straps right and advise you on which hook to clasp it at. Do this at least once a year to ensure yours bras fit you well, are comfortable and complement you best!


3. Give Them A Hand

Don’t be shy about massaging your boobs, it really will help enhance their shape, size and fullness. After a shower, give your breasts a massage to really help accentuate their attractiveness; this also increases circulation to help keep them firm. Even better, get your guy to help! 😉

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4. Lotion Up

4 Make Your Boobs Look Better

Just like everywhere else on your body, you need to moisturize your boobs regularly too. It’s the best way to keep them feeling soft and your skin glowing.


5. More Support For C+ Cups

If you’re bigger than a B cup then it’s a great idea to give your girls some extra support. Wear a sports bra or a soft bra with extra support during the day or as often as you can, but be sure to take it off at night.

6. The Magical Push-Up

6 Make Your Boobs Look Better


If you want to give your twins a boost and make them look fantastic, even if you’re not wearing a low-cleavage top, then you seriously need to invest in a glorious push-up bra. It will make your breasts look firmer, perkier and seriously enhance your neckline. It’s just a myth that women with larger breasts shouldn’t wear push-up bras, they can work wonders no matter what your bust size.

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7. Tone That Waist

A toned waist will really help your boobs look great and stand out. Crunches, yoga and pilates are few ways to help tone your tummy for this purpose.

8. Grab Some Cleavage Cosmetics

8 Make Your Boobs Look Better


A little bit of makeup can seriously give you phenomenal-looking boobs in under 2 minutes. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a makeup pro, all you need to do is blend in some highlighter on the tops of your boobs to help them look curvier and dab a bit of bronzer in between them to bring some depth to your cleavage. Just make sure it’s all blended in well – you want it to look subtle and natural, not streaky.

9. Stand Up Straight

You’ve probably never really thought about it but your posture plays a big role in how great your breasts look. Stand tall and keep your back straight and confident to help your boobs look fantastic!


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15 Jul 2016
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