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8 Ways To Add Some Style & Personality To Your Bedroom This Season

Phalasha NagpalPhalasha Nagpal  |  Nov 23, 2017
8 Ways To Add Some Style & Personality To Your Bedroom This Season


We spend so many hours of the day in our bedroom. It’s the place where we come to find our mental peace, our sleep, to recollect our thoughts and it’s the place where we can be our true selves. So it makes sense to make your bedroom a space that talks about you and is the truest, most intimate reflection of your soul. Here is a list of some stylish additions that can make your room look super stylish and chic.

1. A comfortable carpet

A carpet like this one lends character to your bedroom, aside from being a cushy place to sit cross-legged whilst enjoying a cup of hot coffee, or reading a book. Besides, you can always use the carpet as the base tone and accordingly style your room along the lines using similar, or contrasting palettes.

1 make your bedroom stylish Carpet

Tapetos Hand Knotted Carpet ₹11,249

2. An element of light

You can definitely do with more than just ceiling lights, if you’re looking to oomph up your bedroom. This classy tripod not only brightens the room but acts a stylish accessory that can make your personal space look super artsy and vintage!

2 make your bedroom stylish Lamp

Belfast Tripod Spotlight ₹5,999

3. A reef planter

Add some greenery to your room to create a naturally positive energy,  with some reef planters and indoor plants.  And with the pollution levels so high, it’s a good idea to have these natural air-purifiers around you.

3 make your bedroom stylish Reef planter %281%29

Reef Planter Rs.790

4. A collection of photo frames

Add a touch of personality  to your bedroom by adorning one of your bedroom walls with a collection of photo frames filled with childhood memories – people, places and moments.

4 make your bedroom stylish Photo Frame

MDF Photo Frame ₹790

5.A funky clock

Don’t be fooled, while we use our cell phones to see the time, a funky wall clock looks great when mounted on the wall, besides, they’re also timeless (ironically). Get yourself a personal ticking machine already!

5 make your bedroom stylish Clock

Yes Celebration Analog Wall Clock ₹660

6. A personalised framed art piece

Invest in a piece of framed wall art that really talks to the intellect in you. The work should inspire you and really make a statement that resonates with you as a person. After all, your personal space should say something about you and have an element of melodrama, at the same time, right?

6 make your bedroom stylishDo Epic Shit


7. A crazy wall decal

A pretty amazing design element, wall decals can really make an impression; especially if you go for something that legit brings the walls in your room to life. Go for designs, quotes, whatever it is that speaks to you and get sticking already. You’ll be doing yourself a favour by making your room all comfy and adding some personal elements because who wants to wake up in a cold, impersonal bedroom?

7 make your bedroom stylish Wall Decal


8. Some pretty jars

8 make your bedroom stylish Floral Knob Jar

A pretty set of jars with your favourite bites like almonds, chocolates and cookies nicely set on your bedside table, along with some floral arrangements are absolutely lovely and give you a dose of freshness.

Floral Knob Jar Rs.500