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13 Ways To Make Going To Work More Enjoyable

13 Ways To Make Going To Work More Enjoyable

We all have Monday blues that never leave us! Even if we love what we do and are passionate about it, something just makes us dread going to work after a long, lazy weekend! Well, while we might crib and even get bogged down by this entire pressure of going to work, here are a few things to do to make going to office better… or just suck a little less!

1. Make yourself a nice breakfast!

Don’t skip breakfast, ever! It really is the most important meal of the day and it’s just absolutely essential that you eat right as it gives you energy for the entire day.

1 make work fun

2. Get your To-do list ready

First things first. The power of a detailed to-do list is utterly underestimated. Striking off things you’ve accomplished one by one gives you the satisfaction like nothing else. It’s useful and keeps you on track.

3. Take a timed five minute break after every hour for…

…some me time. It is essential in the times we live. It should be as simple as going to the washroom and not talking to anyone or closing your eyes sitting at your desk for five minutes. It will totally reenergise you!

3 make work fun

4. Add personal touches to your desk

Put something on that desk that will tell everyone that it’s yours. Let it say who you truly are and what you believe in. Pin something to your desk or add some fairy lights… the ideas are endless.

5. Get a work playlist to focus better

It’s easy to get distracted and not be focussed on getting work done fast when you need to. So it’s better to have a handy playlist that you can just plug in to when you want to get shit done without any distractions.

5 make work fun

6. Don’t forget to pack some healthy snacks and lunch

The biggest problem about working wee hours is snacking on the unhealthy stuff. It is so crucial to eat right when you’re working non stop. We suggest you carry some nuts, fresh fruits and healthy snacks like granola bars, corn flakes or a hearty lunch to stay full and fit!

7. Get yo’ self some cute AF stationery

Office stationery is generally basic and boring and it won’t hurt to get yourself some supplies that say fun things like #girlboss or a motivating quote. We’re talking notebooks, pencils, pens, calendars, desk organizers and so much more!

7 make work fun

8. Get out for a timed break

Go out with friends for a coffee or just to catch up but keep a track of time so that you don’t get carried away during the never-ending conversations.

9. Sneak in a few exercises in those hours!

Just the basic stretching like bending down to touch your toes and other simple exercises to ensure that you are working your back and neck muscles.

9 make work fun

10. Put something you love on your desk

It could be a picture of your dog, your family or the trip you’ve been saving up for! Something that motivates you and makes you happy when you look at it.

11. Plan your outfit a night before

It’s something all our mothers ask us to do regularly (and we never listen) but it really will more your morning a tad bit easier and give you some more ‘me time’.

11 make work fun

12. Get yourself a big water bottle

A desk job often means not hydrating yourself enough and it’s one of the reasons that causes headaches. Get yourself a big bottle and get your daily intake on track.

13. Have a motivational quote around you…

This is for when everything seems to be falling apart or you’re having the worst day ever. It’s a great way to re-iterate your bigger goals to yourself and why you’re doing the job in the first place.

13 make work fun

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19 Dec 2017

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